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Kara Nichols: Is missing teen being exploited?

UPDATE 11/21/12 – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office calls the disappearance suspicious and officials say she might be the victim of a subculture that exploits would-be models, KREX reports. They would not elaborate on what kind of exploitation she might have fallen victim to.

 “These aspirations, we believe, have caused Kara to fall prey to a subculture of modeling-business fronts that many times involve illicit drugs and prostitution, said Sheriff Maketa.  This subculture could have exploited a teenage girl who may have lacked the life experience to see the inherent risks. “

 There have been other women that were associated with modeling websites that have gone missing, too.  Click here to read the story.

 Also, police are looking for a brunette who was associated with Nichols. The police are not saying how they are connected.  There have been some leads that have come in and the police are working on them. 

Previous story: Kara Nichols, 19, from Colorado Springs, Tex. has been missing since October 9.  She works at a Colorado Springs restaurant and also as a model. She has a profile on the website, reports the Denver Channel news and her family believes she may have booked a modeling job in Denver and left to go there.

On Kara’s page on she posts, “My name is Kara and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been modeling since February 2012, and although I’m new to it modeling is something I am very passionate about and I take my work seriously. Currently I’m working on building my portfolio so I’m always looking for modeling opportunities in my area. I’ve done mostly lingerie shoots so far but I’m extremely open minded and I’m willing to work with you on ideas for shoots so contact me if you’re interested in working with me! ***NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS- due to my financial situation I am mainly focused on paid work. I am still open for TF shoots but paid work takes priority for now. Please contact me for serious requests only.”

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