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Landon Brittain: Illinois man may be willingly missing Found

UPDATE:  7/13/13 – Landon Brittain, 31, formerly of Coal City, has been charged with vehicular hijacking, aggravated vehicular hijacking and obstruction of justice, and had bail set at $1 million in DuPage County Court on Thursday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Brittain was arrested in June by Venezuelan intelligence in Caracas, the site said, and extradited to the U.S. to face charges.  He is accused of conspiring with Michael Buhrman, 32, also of Coal City.  Buhrman remains a fugitive after being convicted in May in absentia.

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Landon Brittain from Indiana has been missing since October, 2012.  The family believes that Landon may be willing missing, but nevertheless they want to make sure he is safe and at least like him to call them and let them know he is okay.

Per Landon’s Missing Facebook page: “Landon is missing, but it seems it is by choice. He did not notify his friends or his family (at least none that I have found so far) that he was leaving. He made great efforts to ensure that he could not be found. He took very little from his home, but we are sure he had a large amount of money.

Events leading up to his

disappearance suggest a vast change in the Landon we all know and love. Sometimes we face things in our life that are difficult and everyone reacts differently to these situations. We are concerned for Landon’s well being and want desperately to know that he is at least OK. We also want him to know that when whatever this is plays out we are still here for him and want him to come home. We ask that anyone who has information on Landon to please contact the numbers listed on the flier or a family member. Perhaps if we have enough eyes out there looking we can at least discover if he is alright. Thank you so much for all your efforts and prayers. They have been a great comfort. Landon is an experienced traveler and may even be in another country.”

If you see him, would you please contact the Joliet Police Dept. 815-724-3100.

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  1. Looks like he was found – currently residing in DuPage county lockup awaiting trial for carjacking charges in the US…with other charges pending for crimes in Venezuela. Smart decisions Landon….

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