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Duane Scott: Pennsylvania man missing since July Found

UPDATE:  4/1/14- 
The remains found by some hunters in January were probably the remains of Duane Scott, Jr., His Obituary shows he died on Jan. 11, the same time period the remains were found.

Previous story:  – Duane John Scott Jr, 49, is from Asylum Township in Bradford County, but he was last seen in July 2012 in the Towanda area.

Duane’s mom and dad (Sue and Duane, Sr.) along with his children and family members are totally confused as to how Duane Jr. could just fall off the face of the Earth without somebody knowing something.
Scott is 5’11” tall, and weighs 180 pounds. He has blue eyes and gray hair.  He’s 5’11’’ and weighs 180 pounds. He has blue eyes and gray hair.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar from his chest to groin from heart surgery.

Several tattoos including: girl on the inside of right forearm with Christie, Brad and Nikki below the girl;

winged horse on his right bicep;

female on left bicep;

wolf on right shoulder;

unknown tattoo on left shoulder.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, you’re asked to call state police at 570-265-2186.Duane’s website.

Truck Duane was last seen in
Duane Scott Tattoo

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  1. Guaranteed Duane's death was drug related. I know for a fact (visual proof) that Duane was caught up in bath salt (synthetic meth as people call it). I last saw him sometime before July 2012 and it was drug related. I worked for him for a little while helping with roofing on a house in Wysox, Pa and we took a break to go smoke some bath salt. After that week, I never saw him again, but I also separated myself from that life. I knew he was shooting the bath salt into his veins with needles because news travels fast in a small town. It's a sad story, but I am glad that he has been found and the mystery is over. R.I.P. Duane Scott Jr.

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