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Brian Harnois: Former Ghost Hunter team member is missing – FOUND

UPDATE:  Reports confirm that Brian has been found.  Harnois’ wife Michelle sent out a tweet Monday morning stating that Brian’s whereabouts were unknown.  Then a few hours later she sent out another tweet stating that Brian had been found safe and is seeking help.

Around 11:51 a.m., Sunday a note was left on Brian Harnois’ Facebook page that seemed very much like a suicide note.

If you watched Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International, you will recognize Brian.  He was an paranormal investigator on the show and was often blamed for loss equipment.  He was also known for an incident where he yelled out, “Dude, run!” when he and the cameraman saw an apparition and ran.  Brian has said in the past that it was actually the cameraman that said the words and not him.

Brian has been off the show for the last couple of years.  

He lives in Warwich, RI and has been appearing on local Rhode Island PBS show called “Haunted RI.”   

I have read that he is listed as Endangered Missing by the Warwick Police Dept., but at this late hour it was impossible to confirm. (Michelle Harnois did tweet that Brian was reported missing to the Warwick Police Dept.) Also, evidently his cell phone is turned off. 

Chip Coffey, a well-known psychic tweeted that Brian was missing, and Jason Hawes, founder of TAPS, posted on his Facebook page around midnight on December 9, the following:

“To all, I have heard about Brian and may hope is he will be found safe. I was able to talk with him for a while about a month or so back and he seemed in a good place at that time. I hope he finds that good place again.”

In the lengthy note that Brian left on his Facebook page he writes, “I wanted to write this note to say goodbye to a certain few that need to know what happened to me.” 

Brian outlines mistakes he has made in his life and states he could never get his crap together” and how his children deserve better.

He states he is in a “deep depression and know I will not come out of it.”

The love for his two children is evident and towards the end of the note he asks “if someone could pass this on to her (Michelle) it would be great.” 

He ends with, “Goodbye my love and goodbye my 2 darling babies. I will miss all 3 of you!!”

We at MPofA are hoping that Brian is found and are also hoping that he finds someone he can talk to.  We also hope that he checks out the Facebook page that was set up for him so he can see how many people are concerned for him.  

 Click here to read.

 If you know of his whereabouts, please call (401) 468-4200. 

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