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Kristen Kyle: Missing from Louisiana

Kristen Kyle is missing from Galvez/Prairie, LA.  She was last seen Sept. 2012.  Kristen’s mother spoke to Kristen in mid Sept. and her husband JD.  They told her they were at his step-dad’s funeral in Alabama.  On Oct. 3, Kristen and JD’s landlord called Kristen’s mom to come and get Kristen’s things because they were being evicted.  Kristen’s things were packed up in a van and her mom took the things with her.  Later than evening Kristen’s mom received a call from Kristen and JD and she told her mom to back of and that she was grown.  The family is trying to reach Kristen because her grandfather is very ill and has been asking for her. 

Kristen if you are reading this please call your grandfather or at least leave a message here and we will make sure it gets passed to him. 

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