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Naomi Manuthu: Missing from Sunday school Found

UPDATE:  Posted on the church’s Facebook page:

“thanks Jesus, thanks to all of you for your prayers, thanks to the News people (Fox, ABC and all), Birmingham and Homewood police and the Jefferson County Sherrif Department and everyone at LIC Naomi manuthu has been found safe in bush not far from Laborers in Christ!!!”
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Naomi Manuthu, 6, is missing from Alabama.  She was last seen at Laboreres Christ Church, 95 Robert Jemison Rd. in Birmingham, Ala.   around 3:30pm Sunday afternoon.

All the church’s Facebook page they posted: “Also if you were in the church, please check your vehicle including the trunk for any signs of her, above all please pray that she will be found safe. Thank you.”

Manuthu had been in her Sunday school class with other children, but when her mother came to get her, she was gone.

Naomi is autistic and is unable to speak.

Authorities with a K9 are searching the area for her.

She was last scene wearing a brown jacket and black jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 205-325-1450 or 205-941-3302 or 205-421-3779 or 205-586-8200
or call the Homewood Police Department at (205) 332-6204

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