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Angelica Grey: Last seen in Montana Found

UPDATE:  12/31/12 -Helena Police Chief Troy McGee says Angelica was arrested Saturday on a Montana warrant.  The warrant alleged she violated her probation in a drug case by abandoning her two children at the YWCA, where they had been living.  Further, McGee says there was no indication Gray was being held against her will and as far as police know, she was trying to start a new life in California, reports CBS News.

Angelica Melody Gray, is missing from Helena, Montana.  Angelica was last seen Dec. 11, 2012.  Authorities located James Alexander Lee and he was charged with holding a person (possible Angelica) against their will over an alleged drug deal.  He told authorities that he left Angelica outside Madera, California.

Angelica’s car was found at the YWCA parking lot where she had been staying since May.  She also left her two children, ages 3 years and 9 months.  They had been alone all night and knocked on a neighbor’s door and said they didn’t know where their mother was. Their car seats were found in the snow.  Angelica’s keys, purse and cell phone was left behind and she was seen walking away on a surveillance video.

Angelica’s husband, Joshua is currently in the Lewis & Clark County jail after a domestic fight where he shot himself during a struggle with police.

The children are in protective custody.

Angelica faces a $50,000 warrant for leaving the state and leaving her children unattended.

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