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Ebony Jackson: Missing mom of baby left in apartment hallway Found

Ebony Jackson and baby Donovan Prom taken just before Xmas in Oklahoma

UPDATE: Ebony Jackson’s body has been found in the trunk of her car on Tuesday. 

“I’m numb,” said a tearful Tondra Mosley, of Los Angeles, in a phone interview with St. Louis Today news after learning of her cousin’s death. “This was an only child to her mother, and now there is a baby with no mother after only three months of giving birth. For her life to be taken like this; what makes a person want to take the life of another person? What makes you go that far? What was the gain? What was the purpose?”

Investigators obtained a court order Tuesday morning to activate the GPS tracker that was in Ebony’s car.  It led authorities to the  4400 block of Elmbank Avenue in north St. Louis.

Police had the car towed to the St. Louis County police crime lab in Clayton at about noon.  Breckenridge Hills police, who were running the case, obtained a search warrant and opened the trunk of the car just before 5 p.m., and found Ebony’s body inside.

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Donovan Prom, 3 1/2 months old, is the baby that was found in an apartment hallway on Friday in Breckenridge Hills area of St. Ann, Missouri.

Donovan’s mother Ebony Jackson is missing.  She left Oklahoma City with Donavan and arrived in St. Louis with her son Thursday night.  She spoke to her mother in Colorado by phone. She also called her aunt on Thursday.  No one has heard from her since.

Donavon’s father, Craig Prom, drove from Oklahoma City to St. Louis on Friday to get his son but was told by officials that he would have to wait until today for the state to administer a paternity test, according to Felisa Wilkins, one of Jackson’s aunts told  St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Felisa Wilkins, Ebony’s aunt said Jackson had had several operations on her brain (brain tumor) and her memory was not good. Jackson’s car has a GPS device and is also outfitted with a tracking device, Wilkins said, and she often carried a pen and pad of paper to write herself notes to remember things.

Ebony’s family searched and canvassing the Hickory Trace apartment complex in Breckenridge Hills with missing flyers of Ebony on Sunday.

Breckenridge Hills police did not respond to phone calls for updates on the case over the weekend and family members have not heard from police since Friday.

Ebony is 30, 5’5″ tall, 150 pounds.  She was last seen driving a 2004 cream 4-door Galant with Colorado plates.  That vehicle is still missing and is equipped with a GPS system.

If you have any information in this case, call Breckenridge Hills Police at 314-426-1214, extension 140.

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