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Kassidy Reinhart: Child abducted by non custodial parent FOUnD



Kassidy Reinhart, 7, was last seen with her mother Janelle Reinhart, 32, in Gordon, Pa, Schuykill County.  She was last seen by her sister in April 2012 in Arizona.    Janelle does not have custody of Kassidy and is not allowed by the courts to see her without supervision.  They may be with Robert Thomas Rawlings, 40, which were last residing in  Maricopa County, Arizona.   The last sighting by Reinhart’s sister was April 2012 in Arizona.

Jason Gill, Kassidy’s father is asking for everyone to keep an eye out for his daughter.  They may be in Arizona,  Connecticut or Pennsylvania area.

According to Gill, ” i had to move, my daughters mom offered to help me keep an eye on kassidy, she even brought a mutual friend of ours for “supervision” they were to take my daughter to my new place and never showed. between Melissa from JC and my daughters mom, the police decided kassidy was safe with her mother and there was no reason to take Kassidy and give her back to me.
even though i had a court order requiring supervision for any contact between mother and daughter. now they closed the missing persons report and i can not get any help at all to locate them. i have to do it all myself… even though the order i have now requests full cooperation from law enforcement. which the mother is in contempt of…. and i need to know where she is to serve the contempt order, and also get Kassidy back. all while keeping my boat afloat… i spent 20,000 out of my 40,000 income iin 2012 looking for them.”

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  1. kassidy is a very lovin little girl i got to know her and shes so bright and she is very very very missed by her father and grandmother and all of her other family members as well as friends please help us bring her home thanks

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