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Chase Clements: Missing from Utah Found

Chase stated on his Facebook page he was safe.  He left this message:

“Everything is alright, i am so sorry i made everyone worried it started out as just a drive to get things figured out but i kinda just kept going. It was very selfish but at the same time it was something i was doing for myself that i felt i needed. i learned a lot about myself over the past few days while driving out there and realized i need to make some changes in my life. I wasn’t very happy with everything going on around me at the time and i needed to find what it was in my life that needed change. I am so sorry to everyone i did not mean for this to escalate to this it was the last thing on my mind again i am very sorry.”
I am sure you can agree that we are just happy he is okay.

Previous:  Chase Clements, 22, is missing from Lewiston, Utah.  He was last seen at a bar by a friend of his on Tuesday night.  He told his friend he would see him at Legends on Monday and he left with a male.

His roommates last saw him on Wednesday which was his day off.  He didn’t show up for work at the meat-packing plant in Hyrum.

Chase’s cell phone has been off since Thursday.  His debit card was used at a Motel 6 in Ely, Nevada and again at an ATM and a gas station.Chase left behind his dog and he didn’t pack any clothes or even his toothbrush.

His family have gone to the Motel 6 to see if anyone recognizes a photo of Chase.

Chase’s car is a 90’s tan Honda civic station wagon hatchback with a dent in the front hood and his  license plate is B35 5RR.

If you have any information, please call the Cache County Sheriff’s Dept. at 435-755-1000.

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