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Jennifer Kesse: Florida woman missing for 7 years

UPDATE Jan. 25, 2021 – The family of Jennifer Kesse stated they have received the files pertaining to Jennifer Kesse’s case from the police department.

“We’re really put ourselves in a good position currently. We’re truly starting to talk to the people we really need to talk to which leads us down many paths. But we’re doing the handwork now and we’re moving forward,” said Drew Kesse. “It’s tedious work, it’s going to be long and hard but we’re at the point now where we can see where we can move ahead and we have moved ahead.”

The family is looking for tips from the public.  The person in the below photo taken from the video has still not been identified.

December 11, 2018 – The family of  Jennifer Kesse is suing the Orlando Police Department hoping to get records from her case file.

Kesse’s family said they want  to conduct their own investigation. They filed the lawsuit Monday.

Original story:

It has been seven years since a young Orlando woman disappeared from her home.

Jennifer Kesse, 24, from Orlando, Fla., last spoke to her boyfriend at 10 p.m. on Jan. 23, 2006 as she was getting ready for bed.

The next day she did not show up for work at Central Florida Investments on Jan. 24, 2006.  Her car was found two days later, abandoned at a condominium complex about a mile from where she lived.

A surveillance video shows someone dropping off her vehicle, but that person has never been identified.

Photo from video – What is frustrating about the video is that
the person’s face cannot be seen as either the gate or a tree
is blocking it.

Watch video here.

In 2011, Jennifer’s dad talked to Nancy Grace and said, “It looked like she slept in her bed, she had two or three outfits laid out on her bed as if she was choosing an outfit to wear,” said Drew Kesse.  “The bathroom looked like someone got ready to work. The rest of the condo looked perfect. Honestly, it looked like a maid came through.”

In 2007, Tyler J. Green, 28,
from Lake County was arrested
for cyber stalking Kesse’s family.

In January 2012, law enforcement began a search in the area of World Center Drive where they could not search before because the area was under water.  Nothing was found.

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