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Thank you, Bill

From the editor:  I check the stats every day and we are humbled by all of you that stop by and read Missing Persons of America.  The website has always been a grassroots project and when it started two years ago, there was hope that it would grow, and it has, with almost 2 million views.

I appreciate all of you that read the posts and leave your comments, and your emails where you help let us know when someone has returned home.  And the tips, I can’t say enough about the tips that you submit.

Last month, a tip led to a teen girl home that was swept up in the pornography business.  Because of that tip, she was found and brought home to her grateful family.

Right now we are very close to helping another person, as a person is gathering bits of information to track the missing person and letting me know and I am getting it back to the family.

I end up being the middle-man, as many see this website as a place where they can go and leave a tip and remain anonymous and be assured the information gets to where it needs to go.  A position I don’t mind being in.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about a phone call I got this morning from Bill from the Bronx.  He called just to tell me what a great website, Missing Persons of America was.

I am so touched by that as he took time out of his day to let me know.  And although I do it for all those missing people out there, to know that others find it useful, is great to hear.

Thank you all for reading and thank you, Bill for your kind words.  You made my week!

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