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McStay: Rumors and lies, will we ever know the truth?


I have written several stories about the McStays, too many to list here.  Go to the top of this page and type McStay in the search box and you will see a list of them all.

Over the past few years I have been curious, as many, about the missing McStay family.  Partially because they live near where I am, and partially because of my own background.  My need to know more started with the video I found on YouTube of Patrick and Summer driving to go look at a house.

My husband and I use to turn on the camera and drive.  We would joke around and listen to the radio and discuss what we see.  We would call it the dashboard chronicles and I bet if I dug around I probably could find them and have a good laugh, but I digress.

I read all the stuff that everyone else has read about the dogs not having food and water, about it looking as though they were coming right back, but never did.  How one investigation showed they did pack clothes and the animals were not without water, and an animal control officer was actually keeping the water bowl filled up, before the McStay’s were reported missing.  There are theories they are in a witness protection program,  or being chased by drug cartel, which I believe is ludicrous.  I have been asked why a ground search by authorities, SAR or even volunteers in the area where the phones last pinged (Old Bonsall Bridge) or the area behind their home, has NEVER been done.

I found inconclusive emails from foreign countries, real estate dealings and connections with the McStay’s to unlikely people.  I spoke to people that wanted to talk about the case and people that actually knew the McStays, and PI’s that wanted to help.  I even talked to Patrick McStay, (Joey’s father) himself, who I have been sympathetic.  I always am with families of missing people and regardless of what others may accuse them of, I am always on their side, until I have solid proof otherwise.

Through my personal investigations on this case I have come up with what I believed happened.  I am sure everyone is curious as to what it might be, but it is only a theory, and I don’t mean a scientific one.  The problems with theories is they are without proof, so you can’t label it true or factual.  To me, a theory is much like a fiction book.  A nice little imaginary story.

Recently the boards are full of speculations about the McStay case mostly because of the book that was written by Rick Baker, that has been released called “No Goodbyes: The Mysterious Disappearance of the McStay Family.” Rick says that it is about his own investigation.  He included reviews of hundreds of personal e-mails that show that Summer and Joseph were having problems.

Most are asking who is this Rick Baker, how is he connected to the McStay’s, and are down right accusing him of some nasty stuff.

I have talked to Rick Baker in the past about the case.   He had or still has (I have not verified) a radio talk show. Rick found out through Patrick McStay, Joey’s father that I had a couple of ideas about the case and wanted to talk to me.  When he called he said he was working with Patrick and was going to go to Mexico to search around for the McStay’s.  I told him a couple of things I had found but not verifiable and he said he would call me back when he got back from Mexico.

Shortly around that time, a photo surfaced of a dark-haired woman that was in a bar along the Mexican Coast.  As I don’t own the picture I can only offer a link for you to look at it.   Click here to see it.  [since I wrote this the photo has been removed] Please note that there is only one picture and the woman has her arm over her face.  I can’t help but think, if your already there, why not take more than one photo, but there may be more, and that was the only one I found floating around the internet.

I was curious about the photo, and asked around, but no one would admit to taking it.  I wondered if Rick took it.  Later, I was told by a third party that Rick Baker never made it to Mexico, because Patrick would not foot the bill.

On the blog, where the photo is posted, you will also note that it is accompanied by a photo of “Rick” that the blog says was put there to prove he was in Mexico.  But, remember I was told he never went, but then there is a picture of him allegedly in Mexico, so what is the truth.  Did he go or not?  Did he take the picture or not?

Then, a few months back, I heard that Rick Baker was writing a book, and had posted photos of the inside of the McStay home,  There was lot of outcry and the photos were being criticized, because many were saying that the photos were taken months after the McStay’s left and didn’t show the true condition of the home immediately after they left.  For example, the refrigerator is missing, when it was actually there when they lived there.  Please note that Summer was looking for a stainless steel refrigerator on Craigslist.  Whether they had a refrigerator while they were there, I do not know.  Regardless, what is the truth?

A few months back, I am reading that Rick is sending out emails to the McStay family members using one a gmail email address – “summergirlcr”, and that he was posting craiglists ads asking for anyone that saw a white SUV in Feb 2010 to contact them. (please note that it is widely known that Summer would use “summergirl” and “martelli” and Joey would use, “McStay69”.

Here is the link, but I will also post the ad’s because the posting will eventually expire,

“On Feb 4, 2010, the entire McStay family disappeared from their home in Bonsall. Joseph, Summer, and their two children vanished. The dogs they loved were left without food and water. Food was left on the kitchen counter and popcorn in bowls near the television. The scene looked like they just suddenly left, taking no clothes, money, medicine, or glasses. They have not been found. Their white Isuzu Trooper was impounded from a shopping center near the Mexican border.

A person was seen in the High Desert area driving a white Isuzu Trooper SUV with two child car seats that resembled the missing family’s vehicle. This person was not a family member and had no children with them. It is highly possible this person was committing a deliberate hoax. They may or may not be involved in the actual disappearance of the family. If you know where the vehicle was rented or borrowed from or saw this person and know who it is, please contact by email. The SUV pictured is not the actual vehicle spotted or the family’s, but similar. We are looking for confirmation of the sighting. Reward will be paid to the first person reporting, after confirmation that information is accurate. We might pay an additional reward to a second reporter, at our discretion, depending on the information. Again, confirmation would be required. You may be required to give a sworn statement. $500 reward. We are looking for either a person involved in the disappearance of the family or a person or vehicle involved in a hoax (a specific sighting) related to the case. Again, we are looking for a specific white Isuzu Trooper rented with two child car seats, during the period of Feb-June of 2010, or information on the person driving.

As a reference for people who have contacted us with questions or inaccurate information regarding the vehicle, please look on wikipedia for Isuzu Trooper. People making a report may remain anonymous to the hoaxer, but must identify themselves for confirmation of the information.

While the disappearance of the family and recovery of their vehicle had been in the news, not everyone heard or remembered the events. Not everybody watches the news. The real question is why would someone commit such a hoax? If you know who committed this despicable act, please come forward. If you know where the hoax vehicle was obtained, please come forward. We need information and/or confirmation.
You may know more than you think. If you shot videos that inadvertently captured a vehicle that may offer confirmation, please contact us.

Non-informational emails will not be answered. Additional information may be released when confirmed. Again, the vehicle pictured is NOT the vehicle spotted or the family’s SUV, only similar. Please contact us through craigslist.”

Click here to read more about this above post in an article I posted on Saturday.

Rick admits that he did do the emails on his blog, but that he did not do the above Craigslist ads.  He stated that he informed the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. of his intentions to send the emails out.  From what is posted on the Craigslist ads and remembering what Rick knows about the case when I talked to him,  I don’t believe he is the one responsible for putting them up.  But then who is?  (Please note that I was contacted by the person that posted the Craigslist ad and we met and talked-click here to read).

Please note that Rick is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the McStays.  You can read the post here.

Gianni McStay

Also, about 2 months ago, a photo showed up on the internet that looked a lot like Joey McStay swimming in the ocean during the Labor Day weekend in Wildwood, N.J.  I contacted the person that took the picture, because I wanted to know more.  I also wanted to write an article about it and let others come to their own conclusion about the photo.  He responded to me, and said he was pointing his camera and when he got home noticed he had a photo of a man in the water and it looked like Joey McStay.  It may be Joey’s doppleganger, for all I know.  I  offered to let the photographer tell his story in his own words and he was not interested. If you want to see the photo, go to google search above this article and type in “joseph mcstay ocean”.

I wondered if he was looking for monetary gain, and was waiting for some big media company to offer him big bucks for the photo.  He was animate that no one was allowed to copy the photo.  I was just as happy to add a link to the photo from his blog to the article but, he declined.  Like I said, that was 2 months ago and nothing has ever come of the picture.  For all I know it could have been photo-shopped.

With the boards lightening up again over the McStay case, it is hard to read and not want to help straighten out the rumors that are flying around.   Believe me it takes everything I have to keep from doing that.   If I feel that way, I can image how Patrick must feel.

BTW E! Investigates did a show on May 2012 about the McStay’s.  You can click here to read the transcripts.

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8 thoughts on “McStay: Rumors and lies, will we ever know the truth?

  1. To me, it's one of the biggest mysteries I've ever read about. The whole 'lack of a search party' thing BLOWS MY MIND. I do not get that at all. Never have.

  2. One thing you didn't mention, Jerrie, that has ALWAYS bothered me! Joey left a son behind (from another relationship). Of all the accounts I've read and photos I've seen, they were close and he saw him often.
    I wonder where he is and if he has been questioned. He may know more than he thinks he knows. I don't follow Patrick's sites so I don't know if they ever mention him.

  3. He is not mentioned. There are photos of him and a video of him playing the piano, that may or may not still be on the internet. I can only assume the family wants to keep him sheltered from the media.

  4. Sadly it seems as though the Mcstay family has been found. Hopefully their discovery will yield some clues as to what happened. I saw the Disappeared episode a while back and the case has always bothered me. I seem to recall several sightings of the family in Mexico. Whoever reported those sightings would be a logical place to start. It certainly seems that whoever is responsible tried to cover their tracks by doing searches on travel to Mexico on the family’s computer , and by leaving their car at the border…

  5. Well, seems pretty clear now that the Isuzu spotted in “the high desert” was in fact transporting the family to the grave site or driving from the grave site to the border.

  6. Check cell records of all suspects to see if any were in San Ysidro the day the car was found? Gas station videos for that day along the I-15 corridor? Cell records of suspects near Victorville around the time they went missing – beforehand in case graves were pre-dug? Check cell records of suspects to see if they have gone back or near the burial site to check their work?

  7. Since this has been written, the person that posted the ad, has come forward, and the McStay's bodies have been found. Please type in the word “McStay” in the search area above to see all the stories I have done on the McStay's, plus the latest news.

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