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Estella Lovemore: Missing baby from Arizona Found

UPDATE:  5/15/13 – Estella Lovemore has been found safe.   Luis Palacio, 26, ran away to Sonora, Mexico with his 2-year old daughter Caroline Oddo back in November of 2012. Then in January 2013 his girlfriend, Danielle Lovemore, 22 apparently kidnapped her 1-year old daughter, who was in CPS custody and joined Palacio in Mexico, according to KVLA news.

Both were located in Hermosilla by Mexican authorities and were returned to the US. where the state department is taking care of them.
Estella Lovemore, 11 months is missing from Marana, Arizona.

Previous Story:  Estella went missing Sunday when her mother reportedly took her from a birthday party at Gymnastics World in Marana.

Police say Estella Lovemore has already suffered a broken elbow and multiple bumps and bruises from an undetermined cause.  CPS removed her from her home.
Marana Police Sgt. Jose Alvarez says, “Right now we don’t know where she’s at and we’re concerned for her safety. So until we find out further and know that she’s safe, we’re going to call her a missing and endangered person to give her heightened awareness.”

Richter Lewis, Estella’s father, said Child Protective Services told him that Estella had been abducted.

“They said my daughter had been abducted by Danielle, and that’s pretty much all I heard about it from them,” Lewis said.

“I didn’t even have a Facebook account until last night, and I’m doing this just to find Ella. My main concern is trying to find my daughter and get her back home.” 

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  1. From other articles I've read online about this little girl, she has been found safe.

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