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Toby Coleman: Missing from Texas since 1997

(Photo provided by family)

Unlike a lot of other stories, Toby’s missing information was minimal.  It seems, the older the case the more often you see this.  I spoke with Toby’s mom, Barbara and asked if she could give us some more background information about Toby, which she agreed to do.  Please read and share to help Barbara and Toby.

My son, Toby came home on May 19, 1997 after being in a fight with someone at Bills 3Gs Trailer Park in New Caney.  He said a guy was having a birthday party and things started getting crazy so Toby hit the guy with a beer bottle over the head.  The bottle broke and the guy picked it up and threw it at Toby and cut his left forearm. The guy told Toby, “I’m going to kill you, punk.” 

Toby came home with his arm bleeding wrapped in a t shirt. I have no idea who this guy was.  Toby would not call the police to report it. We cleaned his arm and bandaged it and he left the house with a friend (female) and he was never seen again.

Toby was 18 so the police said there was nothing they could do because he was considered an adult and he didn’t have to come home if he didn’t want to, but they would keep an eye out for him as a welfare check. When he left home he was wearing a blue and white Emmitt Smith #22 jersey shirt with a pair of Wrangler MWZ13 blue jeans size 34/34 and brown lace up hiking boots. The date the police have as his missing date is Aug 25, 1997 which was the day they finally took a missing person report. He was last seen on May 19, 1997.

He had never left home without coming home for more than 2 or 3 days at a time. He has a large family who loves him. We know something happened to him because he would have came home or contacted some of the family by now.  I pray someone will come forward with information about where he is so we can finally bring him home and give him a proper burial at the family cemetery. I will never quit searching for my son.”

Toby has been added as one of the Missing Texas Forty

Name: Toby Coleman
AKA: Kutekenta (Character from Roots TV show).
Case Number: M1201004
Race:White  Sex: Male
DOB:4/9/1979  Age Missing: 18
Height: 6 ft. 03 in.  Weight: 210 lb.
Hair Color: Brown  Eye Color: Blue
Last Seen: 8/25/1997
Area Last Seen: New Caney Montgomery County
DNA added to CODIS

Texas Missing Persons Clearing House

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  1. You need to put more infromation online regarding the search for your son. You should contact the missing persons website and provide information to help them find him.

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