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Alice Klee: Missing from New Milford Found under trash in her home

UPDATE:  4/15/13 – The remains of a woman that has been missing since Feb. 8, has been found inside her home.

Police did an initial search for Alice at her apartment in March and found her wallet, cell phone and keys, and the apartment in a mess, with several cats starving.  The police also checked homeless centers, and searched the woods around her area, but did not locate her.

Police Chief Frank Papapietro said they were forced to “sit back and wait,” according to  I guess a more through search of her home was not considered.  The statement they were  forced to wait to find a missing person seems odd because I cannot understand where waiting has anything to do with searching.

Klee’s landlord was also forced to wait and finally on Friday he got permission to clear out her apartment.   That’s in when he found Alice’s body.

“He located the body under a pile of trash, clothing and blankets between the bed and window,” Papapietro said Monday.

The Bergen County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that the body was Klee and that she had died of natural causes.

We can only wonder why the police did not smell anything when they entered the apartment.

Previous story: Alice Klee, 68, from New Milford, New Jersey has been missing since Feb. 8.  She was last seen on Main Street and Prospect Avenue.  Alice lives alone and was known to feed stray animals and look through garbage bins.  There has been no activity in her bank account, and she left her keys and purse behind.

Klee is reported to have a second car — a white, two-door 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, license plate NJ WGG15W, with an expired registration, but the police don’t believe she left in her car.

Anybody with information her whereabouts call the New Milford Police Department Detective Bureau at 201-261-1400.

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