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Corey Cann: May have been kidnapped from Plano Found home

UPDATE 2/24/13 –

Plano Police on Sunday said Cann was located in Carbondale.  He was was with the two men who drove away with him on Friday.

Sgt. Norm Allison of the Plano Police Department said he spoke with Corey  “With the assistance of the Carbondale Police Department we were able to run a few leads and track down Corey,” said Sgt. Norm Allison, reports the Beacon Town news. “Corey indicated to us he left on his own accord, he is totally fine, happy and healthy. We are going to facilitate what he is going to do next, whether he wants to come home or stay down there.”

The police stated they no longer consider Corey missing.  It was a lack of communication — Corey never made a statement where he was going,” Allison said.

Previous story: The Plano Police Department has confirmed that a 21-year-old man went missing from Illinois on Sept. 22 and has not been seen since.
Corey Cann was last seen at his home in the 500 block of South Hale Street in Plano around 7 p.m., Friday. Corey told his family that he was expecting some friends to show up at the family home. Corey went outside to talk to them and then disappeared. When the family went looking for Corey they saw he was gone and now believe he has been kidnapped. Click here to read more.

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