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Uniden Wireless Surveillance video camera

Every now and then I talk about a product that I just love and the Uniden wireless security surveillance camera is one of them.

I received this about a month ago.  Because of the way that my house is situated I couldn’t see everything that was going on in front of my house.  My dog would begin barking and if I wanted to see what she was barking at, I would have to go outside the door around to the garage to look.  So, I decided I needed a camera.

I chose the Uniden Wireless Security Surveillance System Udw155
(The one in the photo shows it has a remote, which you can upgrade to, but mine does not.)  It was all packaged together and under $200.00.  You get two cameras and one monitor. Unlike conventional surveillance cameras where you either buy an additional monitor or hook it up to your computer or TV, this one was all-in-one.  Although, note it does come with software so you can link it to your computer or your TV, if you want to.

Because I am on my computer all day, I didn’t want something on my computer.  So, this little 3 1/4″ x 5″ is perfect sitting right next to my computer on my desk.  But, the other cool thing about it is you can carry it around with you.  Let’s say you are in the backyard and someone comes to the front door, you just look at your monitor and can see who it is.  Or maybe you are upstairs in your bedroom and someone comes to your door.  Just look at the little monitor and no more scurrying down to answer the door, unless you want to.

The quality of the camera is outstanding and does come with night vision.  I was able to easily install it by putting it next to the carriage lights by the garage door.  I took the plug and tucked it under the rafters and plugged it into an extension cord.  The other one is right by the front door.   So now I can see my front door and the street in front of my house.  I can change the view from it alternating between the two views or manage it by pressing one button so it stays on just one.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it has sound.  I usually have the volume set to off as it even will pick up birds singing and the kids playing outside.

Now I can see and hear the FedX guy pull up and run to my door, or the neighborhood kids riding their bicycles, or visitors pulling up to my driveway.  And the biggest plus is I no longer and wondering what my dog is barking at.  I can see for myself, which it turned out to be the gardener across the culdesac, the FedX guy going next door or just someone visiting a neighbor.

The piece of mind it brought me was unmeasurable.  If you are looking for home security, the Uniden surveillance package, might be the perfect choice for you.

Uniden Wireless Security Surveillance System Udw155

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