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Kira Trevino: Missing from St. Paul Found

kira steger

UPDATE:  The husband of Kira Trevino was found guilty of 2nd degree murder on Oct. 2.

UPDATE:  5/10/13 –

The body of Kira Trevino was found in the Mississippi River Wednesday, authorities confirmed Thursday, according to CBS Minnesota.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a body was in the river south of Robert Street Bridge in downtown St. Paul.

The police have been focusing on Keller Lake after witnesses saw 2 min struggling to carry something onto the lake. Authorities did find a bag with a bloody pillow and pillowcase, a bra, shirt and a sponge that was tested and shown to be a DNA match for Kira.

UPDATE:  Kira’s husband has been arrested and booked into the Ramsey County Jail on suspicion of murder.  St. Paul investigators say enough evidence was found inside the couple’s home on the 500 block of Iowa Avenue to suggest a crime was committed there; however, they would not elaborate on what that evidence is, reports KMSP News.

Trevino’s family told FOX 9 News that her cell phone and purse were discovered in the white 2010 Chevy Cobalt, which was carefully backed into a space in a part of the ramp where she didn’t usually park. They added that it struck them as odd since Trevino was not a skilled at parking.

Kira Steger Trevino, 30, from St. Paul, Minn. has been missing since Firday..  Her car was found in a Mall of America parking lot.

Later on St. Paul Police say they saw evidence of blood along the rim of the trunk, and also found a trunk liner nearby that had blood on it.

Kira was supposed to work Friday at Delia’s, a clothing store for teenage girls, but did not show up after leaving her home in the 500 block of Iowa Avenue, said Tara Hall, who also works at the store and describes herself as Trevino’s best friend.

Kira has worked at Delia’s since last November and she previously worked at Wet Seal in MOA.

Early on it has been reported that her husband, Jeffery was the last one to see her, before she left for work.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was at the home Trevino shares with her husband and roommate on Monday evening.

Six of Kira’s family members, from Wisconsin and Texas, were in town also looking for answers. They spent the day meeting with investigators.

“Kira, if you’re watching this, I hope you’re safe and I hope you come home. We’re just very worried and concerned and we’re going to do everything we can to find you,” Kira’s Sister Keri Anne Steger told KARE 11, who came to St. Paul to help look for Kira.

Anyone with information that might help police locate Kira is asked to call the St. Paul Police Department at 651-266-5650.

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