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Day: March 21, 2013

We want to hear you!!!!

Do you have something to say?  Do you want a platform?  Are you mad because the police won’t look for your teen and tell you to just wait, they’ll come home when they are tired and hungry?  Are you frustrated that the media won’t help you get the word out about your missing loved one?  […]

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Patrick Carnes

Patrick Carnes – Is he a victim of the I-80 Serial Killer

On April 2011, Patrick Carnes, 86, left his home in Reno with his dog, Lucky for a trip to visit family in Ohio. On April 12, after his visit he headed back home with Lucky, in his dark green Subaru station wagon. The following day, on April 13, a highway patrolman saw Patrick’s car pass […]

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Maegan Hembree missing from Smyer

September 2018 Michael Todd Ramsey has been sentenced to 80 years in jail after convicting him of evading from the police and possessing methamphetamine back in 2015.  The Grand Saline Sun has a detailed article on why Ramsey received 80 years. Click here to read. 8/4/13 Michael Ramsey a person of interest in the disappearance of […]

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Hailey Dunn

Arrest: The Latest on Hailey Dunn Case

FOUND Missing Person Texas Hailey Dunn     Please note that this story is running in reverse chronological story.   UPDATE on Arrest 6/17/21 – Before Adkins’ arrest a DNA sample was taken from him.  A warrant was obtained to collect Adkins’ DNA on June 13.  I am curious as to what the samples were […]

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