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We want to hear you!!!!

Do you have something to say?  Do you want a platform?  Are you mad because the police won’t look for your teen and tell you to just wait, they’ll come home when they are tired and hungry?  Are you frustrated that the media won’t help you get the word out about your missing loved one?  OR have you just read an article about a missing person and your as mad as hell about it and you want to share it with the world OR  you have a theory on what happened to a missing person and want to share it with others.  Whatever you have to say, we want to hear about it and we will post it on the Missing Persons of America website AND Facebook page for all of America to read and to be seen by 100s of thousands of people.    All that is required is that the subject must be about missing persons.   Send your rant, rave, opinion or cheer to   AND please share this with others that you think would like to participate.  Thank you!!!

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