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Carey Mae Parker missing from Texas since 1991


Carey Mae Parker, a mother of three children, was 23-years-old when she went missing from Quinlan, Texas in March 17, 1991.  Carey had worked the night shift at Flanders Precisionaire in Terrell, Texas.  She had broken up with her live-in boyfriend, William Cody Songer just before her disappearance and was living with friends in Quinlan with the last name of Cotton.

Carey Mae Parker

Because of a mistake with filing a report, the police did a welfare check on Carey but never did a missing persons report.  At one point after her disappearance, Carey’s father who was taking care of two of her children received a phone call that said “back off the search for Carey or he [Carey’s father] and her kids would end up just like her.”  The caller has never been identified. 

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office took a missing person’s report for Carey in 2010.  Per Carey’s sister, “With the original missing person’s report never being filed and my father being threatened, this is the reason nobody has heard of her case before.”

Carey’s sister entered Carey into NamUS on November 27, 2012, but it has not been approved to date (March 25, 2013). Please note that Carey is now in NamUS.

Carey drove a 1980 blueish-gray Buick Skylark Sedan that has never been found. 

Carey would be 45 years old now.  She has an indentation on one leg due to an accident, along with a chipped tailbone and a broken pelvis.  She may wear eyeglasses and her ears are pierced.  

Call Hunt County Sheriff’s dept @ (903) 453-6800 or message through Facebook. If you prefer you may remain anonymous. MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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