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Latrice Maze missing from Grand Rapids

UPDATE:  5/23/13 – Jahleel Hoskins, 25, was charged with murder in connection to the death of Latrice Maze.  He testified he killed her and then put her body in a trash bin.  Her body has yet to be found.

UPDATE 5/6/13 – Jahleel Hoskins, Maze’s  boyfriend was arrested by Grand Rapids police on April 23rd on what is being called a “parole hold”.  Target 8 uncovered court records linking Hoskins to a homicide investigation and that another man, Gregory Shanklin, was arrested the same day as Hoskins for lying to prosecutors during an investigation.

Police said Shanklin was under oath when he “lied about knowledge of associates’ contact with a gun and/or contact/communication with Jahleel Hoskins.”

The family was called into the police station and were told that Maze’s case had turned into a homicide investigation.  Maze is still missing.
UPDATE:  Per Nancy Grace, “Since her disappearance, there has been no digital footprint or trace of Maze. Maze’s family says she does have a cell phone but the battery died, so there is no way for police to trace or “ping” her phone. Also, none of Maze’s credit or debit cards have been used.  Maze does not have a personal computer, but a source reveals there have been some disturbing threats against Maze posted on Facebook. Details of those threats have not been disclosed.  The Grand Rapids Police Department Major Case Team is investigating.”

Latrice Maze from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been missing since March 19.

Latrice is a mother of five children and she was last seen near the corner of Division St., and Burton St. in Grand Rapids around noon.

She never picked up her daughter from school that day and her family reported her missing.

She was wearing black pants, white t-shirt and a black, yellow and green-striped scarf on her head. 

“I miss her. I want her to come home,” her mom, Wanda Rose told Fox17.  ”Her family miss her, Her kids miss her. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I want my baby back. If anybody got her, please, please let her come home.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Latrice Maze can call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 616.456.3400 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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