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Travis Dwayne Roberson: Missing from Arkansas

Travis Dwayne Roberson Last seen February 28, 2006 on Dickson St. in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Travis was in downtown Fayetteville on Dickson street and was with friends planning to celebrate Mardi Gras.  He told his friends he didn’t feel well and was going to go back to his car and wait for everyone.  When they got to the car, Travis was not there and no one has sen him since.

His was listed as a missing person case with the police on March 3, 2006, but somewhere along the line, the case was handed over to Fayetteville, but the family found in July 2012, they didn’t have his case.  The search for Travis has been in limbo since 2006 and the family was not aware till 2012 when the media did a story on Travis.     Please watch this story here.

“Today marks the 7 years my brother has been missing it’s very disappointing throughout the years that are family thought his case was being worked on come to find out it has been dropped to lack of communication between 2 police departments. I feel as if it wasn’t for us contacting the 4029 News my brother’case would still not be worked on all it took was that 1 time for it to be out in the public and I want to thank 4029 for taking their time to come and talk with us and putting our story out on the air for public to see and to get the police departments attention… Not a day goes by I don’t think of him I think if they were to do something sooner that maybe he would be here today I have many thoughts throughout my mind .I hope 1 day he will return home !once again I want to thank 4029 News for helping us! .✞PLEASE KEEP PRAYING✞”

If you have any information please contact the Siloam Springs police department (479) 524-4118 or the Fayetteville Police department (479) 587-3555. Travis was last seen February 28, 2006 on Dickson street in Fayetteville Arkansas wearing white tennis shoes, blue jeans, a white and blue shirt, and a green ball cap. Travis has hazel/brown eyes, brown hair and is about 5 feet 5 inches tall. He has a tattoo with the letters F.T.W. on the back of his neck, a snake on one arm and on the other he has a bearded guy with red eyes, and possibly more tattoos now.

Here is Travis’ Facebook page.  Please like and share to show your support.

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