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Mitchell Owens missing from Menlo Park

On February 3, 1983, Ona Owens from Menlo Park, Calif. was asleep when she was suddenly awaken by a man who had crawled through her window and began attacking her. Ona’s three children slept through the assault except for her 4-year-old son, Mitchell Deon Owens who woke up and came into the room. Ona screamed for him to run away, and as she fought for her life the man struck her over and over again and strangled her with a phone cord until she lost consciousness.
When Ona was found the next day, Mitchell was gone. Ona was taken to the hospital and she told the Mercury News that it took threes days for authorities to find her and to begin looking for her son. Ona alleged that because she was poor and black her case was not being investigated seriously and an investigator told her she had “one less mouth to feed.”

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