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Emily Paul: Teen missing from Panama City

emily paul

After five years Emily Paul contacts family.

Pam, the mother of missing Emily Paul has posted on Facebook that she has received a letter from her.  Pam stated, “To all our friends and extended family, we want to let you know that we have heard from Emily. We do not have any further information to share at the moment. Thank you all for your support and love you have shown to our family. — feeling fantastic.”

Although we are all curious to hear more, Pam has asked for privacy.  Also, although not stated it seems as though Pam is positive the letter came from her daughter.  There probably is some information that she has chosen not to state at this time that supports her belief.

UPDATE 4/13/16
:   After messages have appeared on social media pointing to the Madison area, a spokeswoman for the Bay County Sheriff’s Office told the State  Journal that Madison, Fla. was selected as the next city where authorities would be notifying the public to keep an eye out for Emily.  Emily Paul would now be 17.

Original Story:

Emily Wynell Paul, 14, is missing from Panama City, Florida since April 13 2013.  She has blue eyes, 4’11″tall, and 100 pounds.  She may have changed her hair color or style.  She may travel to Panama City, Florida.

When Emily was last seen she had purple and greencoloring in her hair and the left side was cut shorter than the right. However, she may now have very short bleached blond hair with pink highlights. Emily has pierced ears. She may go by the nickname Em. She has been reported missing to the bay county sheriffs office and reports have been made.  If you
see her, please leave tips here.HelpFindEmilyWynellPaul

The above link is no longer working, but did find this Facebook page. 
Emily Paul
Emily Paul

Since you’re here

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11 thoughts on “Emily Paul: Teen missing from Panama City

  1. Shame on this girl for bringing so much stress and heartache to her family. She's lucky they will take her back. I'd personally let her butt stay on the streets, make her BEG to come home.

  2. whoever you are that wrote this you shouldn't listen to the news, not everthing you hear is true we love her very much and if you truly knew her you would know she didn't run away.if you have nothing nice to say please don't say it……

  3. We love you emily and hope your safe wish you would let someone know your ok and I pray you are you are on my mind allways ever since you were little and helped me cracked eggs for bay county every morning

  4. is there any updates on Emily? I agree with the post above… shame on you for writing such nonsense! you should of kept your fingers off the keyboard… you are looking like a total idiot who knows nothing about why children leave or get taken… prayers to all involved and please never mind the small minded people…

  5. ok it is December and I still have her posted! Is there any news that you know of? Everything I find on her states she is still missing 🙁 Praying for her family <3

  6. Okay is it just me or do we have a large amount of missing young girls, all similar in appearance and age, 5 from Pensacola in less than 3 years and now in and around the Southport, Callaway and Panama City area with another 4-5 girls vanished since 2004!?
    It alarms me that the investigators have yet to solve a missing person case and are too quick to label these poor girls as runaways then take days sometimes weeks before these lost girls are reported on the news. I understand it must be hard to investigate these cases but I truly believe the public are given minimum information and it clearly results in dead end leads because your not able to jog peoples memories with just a date and location, maybe its the things that you don't think matter that can help the public cast their minds back to coming forward with information they didn't even think was important!
    This girl did not runaway, somebody would have seen or heard something by now, shes 14………running away is one thing but leaving Facebook,Ttwitter, Instragram etc behind is no believable, especially as 2 of her pictures are 'selfies'… I feel we need to rethink her reason for taking a bag!? No girl is gonna pack a bag unless she knows she is going somewhere and that she has a ride! Somebody would have seen a 100lb girl walking down a highway with a packed bag don't you think?

  7. YES! Emily is still missing. No leads and no one has seen her since April 2013. Please pray for her safety and for her return.

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