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Three Tennessee children go missing with mother Found

A message from Bryson, Candice and Kaliee’s dad:

Bryson Thomas, 6, Candice Thomas, 8, and Kaliee Thomas, 9, are missing from Knoxville, Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, their mother, Angela probably took them and they are probably traveling with Jerod Goodman who has a history of drug and assault charges in Montana, and is wanted on a parole violation.

Mark Thomas, children’s father said that when he got home his keys were underneath the mat and inside the house the clothes were everywhere.

“The house had been ransacked where she had just tried to snatch and grab and go,” Thomas told WATE news.

Thomas believes also that his wife is with her new boyfriend, Jerod Goodman and they m,ay be traveling to Nashville, Porter or Pearland, Texas of Montana.

Angela may be driving a 1994 Blue Ford Explorer with Texas tags and a Monster energy drink sticker in the back window.

There is no Amber Alert because both parents have legal custody.

“If she want to be with him and stay gone with him and run the roads, that’s fine,” said Thomas.  “Just come back here and let’s get the legal stuff out of the way and let me keep the kids stable where they’re not running around and they can stay in school.”

3 thoughts on “Three Tennessee children go missing with mother Found

  1. I know a Jerod Goodman who went to prison in Montana. Dont know if its related but he lives in boise id . This guy is a total ass. If he is the same guy, thats where he is.

  2. I actually know angela Thomas and she left with her kids to protect thm…the investigation was completely droped n angela and jerod were not in the wrong..and jerod is a personal friend of mine an has always tried to do what's right an help people anyway he can….i even believe it was jerod who told Mark Were the kids were n gave him the before u tryn judge learn the circumstances

  3. Why would you snatch the kids with a convict if you were a good parent. Moms trash riding with a violentdope fiend and her kids.

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