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James McDonald: Man goes missing while kayaking in Florida

James Francis McDonald, 46, from Dixie County is missing and was last seen east of Franklin County Florida in October 2012.

McDonald upset after breaking up with his girlfriend around Oct. 6, took his kayak and gear from his home in High Springs and traveled to the home of his friend and former teacher on the Suwanee River and spent the night, which he had done occasionally in the past.  He was seen launching his kayak on Oct. 9.

A Park Manager remembered seeing McDonald on Sunday, Oct. 14, when he approached a large yellow kayak that was on the bank of the Ochlocknee River.  A man appeared and talked with the park manager for a few moments and never identified himself.  When the park manager saw McDonald’s face on the news after he was reported missing, he knew the man he had talked to was McDonald, reports the Appalachian Times.

McDonald appeared to well-supplied with camping essentials and his large kayak had interior storage and he could have carried enough food and water for a week.   It is not known if he has stopped anywhere to get more supplies.

It was speculated that McDonald may have been traveling down to Ochlocknee Bay.  McDonald could have stopped in Apalachicola or St. George Island or followed the Cooked River to Carrabelle or into the swamp on the Ochlocknee.

McDonald left his truck and truck keys behind.  He took his cell phone and credit card, but the cell phone was last used Oct. 9 and the credit card has never been used.

McDonald is 6’2″ tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes and he may have a beard.  He may be in his 17-foot yellow Solstice kayak.

If you were in these mentioned areas last October and you remember seeing a man that fits McDonald’s description or even his large Kayak, it would be helpful if you could please let the family know, so they can try to figure out where McDonald might be.  And of course if you have seen him recently at any location, please let us know by leaving a tip here or on Facebook

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