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Sherry Leighty: Missing from Altoona since 2009 Found

Sherry Leighty
5/14/13 –  The body of an Sherry Leighty from Altoona was found at a rural Warriors Mark Township farm owned by Sherry’s father-in-law, Ken Leighty.  Investigators say they recovered her body on Saturday after more than three weeks of searching.

According to court documents, Ken Leighty admitted to killing Sherry Leighty in a recorded phone call last month.

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New information has resulted in a new search for missing Sherry Leighty from Altoona, Pa. who has been missing since 1999.


Cadaver dogs have hit on an area on a rural county farm during a search by authorities.  New York State Police brought in 7 dogs and the Pennsylvania State Police brought in two cadaver dogs after the police obtained a search warrant to search the area.

According to the search warrant, Kenneth Leighty, Sherry Leighty’s father-in-law was the last person to see Sherry 13-years ago.  She disappeared leaving her husband and three children behind.

In January 2013, police interviewed Sherry’s son Travis who said he had heard rumors when he was growing up that his mother was buried under an unused outhouse in Warriors Mark Township, which was property owned by Kenneth Leighty.

The search warrant also stated that the police listened in on a phone conversation between sherry’s ex-husband and Kenneth Leighty and he allegedly said, “I did it.  It was an accident,” and her body could be found at the property along a fence.

When police appeared at Kenneth’s home he assaulted two police officers.  He has been arrested.

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