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Melissa Rodriguez: Mom from Collingdale went missing while traveling to Newark

2019 – Melissa Rodriguez is still missing.

UPDATE 2017 – The authorities went to teh home on Layfayette Avenue to search and nothing was found.

UPDATE 12/28/16 – The police have begun to dig at a home in Collingdale, Pa.  The basement of the home that once belonged to Melissa’s estranged husband was being dug up over the last several days after cadaver dogs made positive hits.  The authorities recently were allowed access to the home when the home went into foreclosure a few days ago.   The police said there was a fresh cement job.  At the end of Wednesday evening, nothing had been found, and no word if they would be returning the following day.

UPDATE 4/18/14 – Melissa is still missing.

“I don’t want to believe she is dead,” Anna Camacho,  Melissa’s sister told “but I don’t believe she is walking around breathing the air and not seeing her kids. That is just not Melissa.”  This looks like another case of no body means no arrest.

UPDATE 6/17/13 –
Police told the Inquirer they have searched Melissa’s neighborhood.  They have “examined surveillance videos, talked to residents, put up posters, contacted the media, and listed the case on national databases. They have interviewed Rodriguez, the children, family and friends in New Jersey and Virginia, and contacted Amtrak and SEPTA…served more than 20 search warrants in their quest to find Ortiz-Rodriguez. The FBI has joined the search.”

UPDATE 5/1/13 –  Police stated that the day after Jose Rodriguez reported Melissa missing that he  tried to get the children transferred to a school in New Jersey.

Rodriguez then disappeared, but returned last weekend and took his truck and boat to a home he’s staying at in New Brunswick, N.J.

Police went and seized a white truck owned by Amtrak that Rodriguez had on Monday.   Rodriguez works for Amtrak and the truck was assigned to him. Police have a search warrant and are now processing the truck for any evidence of foul play.

“We want to check the truck,” Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams said Monday night. “Apparently he showed up at the house this weekend to get some things from the house, including the boat. We’re not sure what truck he showed up with. This is a truck assigned to him. We want to do some investigations, maybe on the GPS.”

Previous story:  Melissa Rodriguez, 30, of Collingdale, Delaware has been missing since Friday, April 19, 2013.

Melissa made plans to take a bus trip to visit friends in Newark, N.J. for the weekend, but never showed up, according to Jose.

Investigators in Collingdale, Pa., say Jose Rodriguez has hired an attorney and is not talking with police, anymore, although he did in the beginning, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Her husband, Jose Luis Rodriguez, called police on Tuesday after he had not heard from her and she did not return a text message.  Melissa was suppose to pick up her two daughters, ages 7 and 11, from school on Monday, but she never did.

“It is an ongoing and active investigation to find her,” said Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams. “If she is hiding somewhere from an abusive relationship, call us and let us know she is OK,” the chief said.

Police confirmed that she was coming for a visit but never got a call to pick her up, according to police.

In early April, Ortiz-Rodriguez learned her husband had another family in New Jersey when she discovered a receipt for an infant car seat and bottles. She confronted him and he moved out. Although they were separated, Rodriguez sometimes would stay at the house.

On the weekend his wife disappeared, it was Rodriguez’s turn to watch the girls.

Melissa was also going to start a new job on Monday but did not show up.

Melissa Rodriguez is Hispanic, 5-foot-5, and weighs about 130 pounds. She was last seen wearing a yellow flowered dress and glasses.

Anyone with information is to contact Collingdale Police at 610-891-4700 or County detectives at 610-891-4700.

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