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Owen Black: Autistic 7-year-old missing from Perdido Key Found

UPDATE:  5/19/13 –
Sheriff David Morgan, Escambia County issued a statement via Facebook at 2:29 p.m.

“At approximately 1303 CST our search for Owen Black is concluded. A citizen in Perdido Key observed him in the water washing toward shore. An immediate response has determined that he succumbed to drowning. There are no indications of foul play; however the standard investigative and medical examiners protocols will apply. We ask for the community and nation’s prayers for this family in mourning and our thanks are again extended to all law enforcement, military, State and Federal agencies as well as the hundreds of volunteers who responded to Owen’s call.”

Previous story; Owen Black, 7, from Perdido Key, Fla. in Escambia County is missing. 

Owen is autistic and he was last seen earlier Friday afternoon on Perdido Key Drive in the vicinity of the Needle Rush condos.

He was wearing a red and blue striped shirt and brown sweat pants and has short blondish brown hair, brown eyes and is small for his age 4 ft, 45 lbs.

The Escambia Search and Rescue is searching for him and have begun their search at the West End of Needle Rush Condos.  If you wish to assist in the search meet at the parking lot of Happy Harbor, 229601 Perdido Beach Blvd. in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Also citizens are welcomed to walk the beach.

6 thoughts on “Owen Black: Autistic 7-year-old missing from Perdido Key Found

  1. Look near water or places he liked last summer or recent! This is called elopement most children with autism love water 20 years of experience working and assisting children with autism..
    She had an affinity for water, authorities said, but the mental capacity of an infant. She also could not speak.

    Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

  2. Where are the PARENTS, and why hasn't anything been said about them

  3. That is the business of the police and not yours. The topic of this article is this missing child. Why are you more concerned about pointing a finger, based on little to no information than the missing child? What is wrong with YOU?

  4. i agree, where were the parents that this poor little sweet boy had to drown? i know parenting is hard, and much harder with an autistic child, but please don't think taking your eye off of your kid for one second doesnt do anything!

  5. Poor little boy, yes definitely. But what about these poor parents who are left here with broken hearts. They will most likely spend every day for the rest of their lives punishing themselves, wishing they could relive the moment and not have taken their eyes off of him. It was a tragic accident and ANY parent could have made the same mistake.

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