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Matthew Royer: Missing student disappears while driving to parent’s house Found

UPDATE:  5/23/13 –
Matthew has been found and is safe, Pennsylvania State Police said this morning and was  “located unharmed.”

“We’ve narrowed it down to 30-40 miles from our house and we can’t find him,” said his mother, Janet Royer.

According to Royer’s parents, his normal route from the university takes five to six

hours. He normally takes I-95 to the Tappan Zee Bridge, then to I-78 where he takes Route 100.
Matthew sent a text message saying he had overslept and was getting a late start around 6:00 p.m. Thursday. A gas station stop in Rhode Island shows Royer left around 6:30 p.m.

Matthew never went to work at Skippack Golf Course on Friday either.

The realtor of Royer’s apartment in Rhode Island says he moved out for the end of the semester and the keys were returned.

“You couldn’t ask for a better son. It’s not like him, if he wasn’t coming home he would’ve told me he wasn’t coming home, unless he couldn’t,” said Janet.

Royer is a white male, 6’1, 160 pounds, with blue eyes, and brown hair. He was last seen wearing a beige Biltmore Adventures hat, a green golf shirt, off-white shorts, and flip-flops.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Pennsylvania State Police Skippack Barracks at 610-584-1250.

One thought on “Matthew Royer: Missing student disappears while driving to parent’s house Found”

  1. This map on the website is my concern.. His route does not add up. He was spotted at the gas station alone in his car drinking a water he just purchased and then apparently continued going down route 100. First question is why this route.. even if it is your normal? The main highway would be 476 South.. and at 2am.. there would be no traffic. 30 mins later he would of been home. 2nd weird thing to me.. the stop at the gas station when you are 30 minutes from home seems odd. Unless he needed gas of course… but they just say his debit card was used to purchase 1 Poland Spring Water. Plus they said his debit card bought gas right when he left. His trip is only ~275 miles.. easily could be done on tank of gas.. especially in a cobalt. Point being, I've done several long road trips in my life. I don't stop for water at 2am when I'm only 30 mins from being home and getting into my bed. If anything I would of stopped for a coffee/soda, something with caffeine had I needed it. My third and final comment is that his car was also confirmed to be spotted on 309 in Coopersburg passing a Hess Station around this time. Why was the car there? This route just seemes realy odd! I really hope this guy is ok. But what could of happened? He was see driving off to his house 30 mins away! No more stops needed… his car has been spotted the next day so obviously he didn't drive off the road. (Plus with 30 miles to cover and route mapped out it would of been easy to narrow down.) I want to much to help and crack this case as its close to my home where he is from.. but it just does not add up. Maybe he snapped and decided home was not where he wanted to be. Praying everything works out for this kid.

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