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Lindy Whiteman-Jones missing from Lakewood Found

Linda has been found per comment below.  Lindy Whiteman-Jones, 24, was last seen in the 2400 block of
South Holland Court in Lakewood, Colorado on May 20.

Linday is 5’6″ tall, 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing white shoes, dark pants and a dark hoodie with black and grey stripes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lakewood police.

2 thoughts on “Lindy Whiteman-Jones missing from Lakewood Found

  1. Lindy is my niece. I am in Washington State. I feel like I want to die I am so sad.

    Alison Whiteman

  2. Lindy Whiteman-Jones has been found by the Denver police. She is 24-years-old, there is no group home available to her and no open list so she took off with some man. Even with an IQ of 70, she has this legal right.

    This is tragic for our family. My brother and his wife adopted four children and did everything they could to ensure she would have a decent life. Thank you for your post. –Alison Whiteman

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