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Cullen Finnerty a quarterback who played for the Baltimore Ravens is missing found

Cullen Finnerty
UPDATE:  5/29/13 –  Cullen’s body has been found in a wooded area near the family’s cottage.  His body was found in Webber Township, about a mile from where he disappeared, but authorities said no foul play was suspected. An autopsy will be needed to determine how he died, reports CBS.

Cullen Finnerty, 30, Former Grand Valley State quarterback who also played briefly for the Baltimore Ravens has gone missing.

 He did not return from fishing Bray Creek State Forest Campground about 65 miles from Grand Rapids, Michigan on Sunday night as planned.

The Lake County sheriff’s department says the search continued Monday evening.
Finnerty called his wife after he had finished fishing on a pontoon boat. Cullen was scared and had wandered into the woods.  His family said that Cullen suffering several concussion during his career and they are concerned that he may be having some type of episode now.  That boat has been found, but Cullen was not in it. His fishing gear was also found.

Search crews walked the river and nearby Bray Creek Campground today and a helicopter searched the area.

Authorities also stated that a caller called 911 and stated they seen a guy that looked

Jennifer Finnerty, Cullen’s wife

like Finnerty standing near a major road yesterday evening,,This guy was also wearing sweat pants like the missing man.

Finnerty played for Grand Valley State teams that won Division II titles in 2003, 2005 and 2006.   Cullen wore Jersey number 16 and led the Lakers to three national titles in four seasons as quarterback. His most recent team in the National Football League was the Denver Broncos and was signed by the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent in 2007.

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  1. His body has been found…so sad…the above link is the story.

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