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Ralf Peeks goes missing in San Diego

Ralf Peeks went missing on April 21, 2013 while riding his bike in the 9100 block of Camino Ruiz in Miramar in San Diego County.  He never came back home and he never showed up at his job.

 Ralf Peeks, 43, who is a German citizen, was last seen dropping of a rented vehicle at the U-Haul center on Camino Ruiz in Miramar.  He rode off on his black mountain bike and has not been seen since.  Ralf was an avid bike rider and didn’t even own a car, and used his bike to travel back and forth from work.  Ralf was an engineer for a high tech company and It was first noticed he was missing when he didn’t show up for work.

Ralph was planning a trip to Germany to see his mom on May 16.  They were not aware of his disappearance until he did not show up.  Ralf’s cousin found out about  Ralf’s disappearance through a post on Reddit.

Authorities found his passport on his bed and his clothes and suitcase where in his room.  Because Ralf did not have a cell phone, they were not able to track him.  There has been no activity on his bank account.  TSA records showed that he has not gone out of the country.

Ralf is 6 foot 1 inches tall and 190 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

The San Diego Police Dept. is asking for the public to come forward with any information in this case.    You can call (619} 531-2293 or remain anonymous by calling the Crime Stoppers tip line at 888-580-8477.

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  1. Please keep looking and please do not think he just “went off grid” this is NOT Ralf at all. Something has happened to him and we need to find him.

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