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CPO Kevin Williams: Missing from Jacksonville since 2013 FOUND

Kevin Williams

UPDATE 8/1/15 – The body found has been confirmed to be Navy Chief Petty Officer Kevin Williams.   He was discovered in the woods near the Avenues Mall.  His wife has stated in August that she was told he died from an anorism but she believe that he was murdered, and is suspicious of the cab driver that picked him up.  The Navy is stated that no cab driver picked him up and it was a case of mistaken identity.

Vanessa has posted, “JSO has done a sloppy investigation from the start claiming no foul play. They did not looked for him even though they told me they did looked for him within a 5 miles radius of the Mall. The first day they found him two years later by accident after looking for a missing child they immediately told me there was no foul play and he may have die of natural causes even though the Medical Examiner have not given JSO any cause yet. I am asking the public to please stand up with me and support me in finding answers and justice for my husband who did not deserve to lay in the woods for two years. Someone did this to him and left him there. JSO incompetence as cause us so much pain, right along with the US Navy lack of care who supported JSO incompetency from the moment he went. missing. For those of you who believe it does not look right to attack the US NAVY, THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK, THIS IS OUR TRUTH AND WHAT HAPPEN TO US. UNTIL WE ALL STAND UP AND HOLD THE NAVY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR TREATMENT OF THEIR OWN, THEY WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE TO HAVE THE POWER TO DO WRONG TO THE VERY MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM WHO SERVE THEM. Its hurtful to have the Navy tell me the Navy is here for you yet demand their men and women not to even be at the candle light vigil in honor of him. At this point I believe that they will not even allow their men and women to be pallbearers to hold up his casket…So if there is 6 strangers who would like to contact me to help carry his casket please inbox me. I will have a burial for him as soon as his remains are release by the Medical Examiner, and will announce his funeral date here. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks to all our supporters. – Vanessa Williams”

UPDATE:  7/28/15 – A body that has been found in Jacksonville while searchers were looking for a missing toddler may be the body of missing Navy Chief Petty Officer Kevin Williams.

“It’s terrifying this time waiting because of the fact he was last seen in that area and to hear it’s male and the body had been there a year or two and that same area,” Vanessa Williams, Kevin’s wife told WTLV news.  

Original Story:  Chief Petty Officer Kevin Williams, 39, from Jacksonville has been missing since May 28, 2013.

Vanessa Williams, Kevin’s wife reported him missing.  She told authorities they had got into a fight at the parking lot of the mall on Tuesday around 2:30.  She said she walked so they wouldn’t argue anymore and when she came back he was gone.

Later that evening police discovered that Kevin had used his ATM card that evening at a convenience store near the Avenues Mall in Florida, but he has not been seen anywhere.

Kevin who was last seen wearing his blue camouflage uniform left his cell phone in the car because the battery was dead.

Social media is commenting about Kevin’s disappearance and those that know him all say the same thing, it is not like Kevin to disappear.

“Kevin Williams is my blood cousin n this is just not like him n the story don’t make any sense to me…if u have any info please share with the police his mother n the rest of us are very worried n still wishing that he returns back home safe,” posted Aisha Williams.

“I’ve known Kevin for close to 20 years. This is not like him at all. Please keep an eye out for him,” posted Samuel Klein Photography.

“I Know Kevin personally and this is very unlike him. something had to happen. He wouldn’t just leave,” posted Jos Smith.

The Navy is searching for Chief Williams who has been in the military stationed in Jacksonville for the past 15 years.
If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call 904-630-0500.

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