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Christopher Scholz: Missing from New Jersey Found – Again

UPDATE:  A tip has come in and Christopher must be out of jail as he was seen in Wethersfield, CT tonight, soliciting for a baseball charity. His only ID was a laminated military type card ( un-official, no photo).  According to the tip police were called but no word if Chris was still there when they arrived. 

Christopher has been found in jail.  He was arrested June 19 for “FRAUDULENT SOLICITATION FOR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION.”
Christopher Leonard Scholz, 26, has been missing for two years.  Per his sister: “Christopher Scholz,  has been missing for about two years now. He and our family have lived in Roxbury, New Jersey for the majority of our lives. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.”

He was in Ohio in April 2012 and in OakRidge, Tennessee in June 2012.  He may be a magazine gypsy and selling magazine subscriptions door to door. 

Last message from Chris:

 June 30, 2011

Chris Scholz

yea im working out in california with a publishing company srry i havent contacted you guys ive been very busy and my phone is broke im ordering a new one i cant wait to see you guys congrats on the engagment sis!!!! i will see you guys soon i need your addresses so i can send you letterz from here and happy bday i forgot bout that hope you guys are doing well give me your numberz

5 thoughts on “Christopher Scholz: Missing from New Jersey Found – Again

  1. I remember a group of these people coming into the restaurant where I worked in RI about a year ago. I remember they showed us cards they had to get with the town where they had to register with the Board of Canvassers in order to go door to door. I would check with the towns in each state to see if he registered with any of them. Good luck

  2. Jerrie – your brother is out of jail and he is doing the same scam again – he was spotted this week (11-18-13) in Alpharetta and Milton, GA.

  3. A young man going by the name of Chris Scholz and with the same general appearance came by my door yesterday evening, purportedly trying to raise money to fund a trip to Hawaii for a baseball tournament. He claimed to be with Cal baseball, and was selling “Fit For Life” magazine subscriptions to raise money. From a bit of googling, he appears to be continuing the scam, except this is in California, in the Bay Area.

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