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Victoria missing from Monroe

Victoria, 17, is missing from Monroe, Louisiana since Monday, June 17, 2013.  She was attending job corps in Shreveport, Louisiana. A missing person report has been filed and has been put into NCIC data base.

She is believed to be with a boy named Justin, who was also going to job corp.

The family stated they contacted Justin’s father and “he has told us even though Victoria most likely went with him voluntarily since they ran away about a week ago and was found and returned to school that if Victoria tried to leave Justin that he may become violent.”  Also,  Justin “could live in the woods and knows how to survive as he’s ran away before and done so for weeks.”

Victoria has not checked her cell phone messages and her inbox is full and she has not been on Facebook or responded to any messages.

The family also states, Victoria “is very close with our other sister and would’ve thought she would’ve contacted her by now. They had no money. Job corps says a woman was there saying she was Victoria’s step mom was trying to sign her out but we know for a fact step mother has not tried to check her out.
Red hair shoulder length, freckles, 5’2”, 150lbs.  

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