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Levon Wameling: 9-month-old missing from New York Found

Levon Wameling

UPDATE 9/21/13 –  The body found in the Mohawk River earlier this month has been identified as Levon, said the Utica police on Saturday.

The identification came “after extensive DNA testing conducted by the Onondaga Medical Examiners Office,” according to a news release.

The cause of death has not been determined.

UPDATE 9/5/13 – The Utica Police Dept. have announce they believe they have found the remains of missing Levon.

They were found by a dive team in the Mohawk River in North Utica.

The search happened after Levon’s father, Jevon Wameling, was arrested on burglary charges by state police on Thursday, said Uticaod news.

 Amy Warney posted on Facebook:
“Well everyone my son Levon was found in the water. I can do this.” Later she stated, “Now I can put u to rest my love. This is not easy I feel empty in side y did this happin I love u so much babyboy mommy loves u.”

DNA testing will be done to confirm the remains belong to Levon.

“Obviously based on the info we got, the fact that we recovered remains, there’s a good possibility that it’s of Levon,” Hauck said.

UPDATE: 7/1/13 – The Utica police are searching  Marcy today for Levon, and have set up a command post at the Maynard Fire Department.

On Wednesday it is reported by authorities that 9-month-old Levon Wameling went missing from his home in New York but his father didn’t report him missing for two weeks.

Levon’s dad, Jevon Wameling told authorities that two weeks ago he locked himself out of the house on 748 Jay Street in Utica and left Levon alone on the front porch while he went around to the back of the house to crawl into the window. When he came back out to the front of the house to get Levon, he was gone.

The twist to this case is that Jevon didn’t report him missing and kept mum about it, until other family members started asking where the baby was.
Jevon told police that he had taken Levon on a late-night walk on May 29, because he was having trouble sleeping. He was taking care of Levon himself because Levon’s mother, Jevon’s girlfriend was in a drug rehabilitation facility, reports UticaOD news. Levon’s aunt, Cubby posted on Facebook that her sister had been ordered by the court to enter rehab on May 9.

The police along with K-9s spent many hours on Wednesday searching for clues as to where Levon might be.

A similar situation happened back in 2009 to a 5-year-old, Hasanni Campbell from Oakland, Calif. Hasanni’s foster father, Louis Ross, left Hasanni standing at the back of a shoe store where his fiancee worked while he walked around the front to tell her they were there. When they got to the back door Hassani was gone. Ross told police he left Hasanni there because he could not walk well and wore a leg brace.
Police are also checking to see if there is any custody dispute going on between the boy’s parents.

Elaina Steinfurth, an 18-month-old from Toledo, Ohio is still missing after two weeks. Elaina’s mother first told Elaina’s father she was not going to relinquish her into his care for visitation and when the father came back to ask again, she said the toddler was missing. Elaina is still missing and the authorities have no clue if she has met with foul play or is being hidden because of a custody dispute.
At this point no one knows if Levon is a victim of foul play or a custody fight.
“Our goal is to find this kid,” said Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.”Basically, manpower and overtime is not our concern. We will leave no stone unturned.”

If you have any information as to Levon’s whereabouts, please call the Utica Police Department at 315-735-3301.

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