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Samuel Pharis: Missing from Yuba

Samuel Pharis

Missing Person Yuba City Samuel Pharis

June 14, 2018 – Samuel’s father posted on Facebook:

“Today has been five years since my boy disappeared. I cannot even begin to put into words all that we have missed. There have been graduations, deaths, college years, new jobs, old jobs…life has gone on and that is the hardest lesson to learn, Life goes on— and boy does that make me angry and sad and depressed. We have missed all the things that our boy has or could have accomplished- marriage, babies, jobs, new home, all the successes that you get to look forward to in your child. We have been cheated out of experiencing. I miss my boy. I miss his face, his laugh, just everything that is Sam. I hold too tight to his brother and sister because I now know that no matter how hard you hold- life can change in the blink of an eye and you cannot control it. But I try. I love you Sam. Dear One, come home.”

UPDATE:  10/1/13 – The father of a man reported missing in Yuba County in June is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the location of his son.

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Previous story:  Samuel Pharis, 21,  from Yuba City, Calif. was reported missing on June 14 and hasn’t been seen since June 13.

His car was located stuck and abandoned in the Feather River river-bottom in Yuba County on June 16, 2013.  According to the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department’s press release, the vehicle was found locked and the key were not with the vehicle. The release also indicated Pharis’ cell phone and other belongings were discovered inside the car.

The Yuba County Sheriff Dept., Search and Rescue, the Posse, dogs, and hundreds of volunteers searched the air and land with relatively no clues. The search of the water areas is also coming up with nothing.The area where the vehicle was found has been searched by air and foot, but to no avail. Pharis is 5’11”, 150 lbs with blond hair and blue eyes.FACEBOOK PAGE

The department continues to follow up on all leads and the Department is asking anyone with information concerning Pharis’ whereabouts to contact the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department at (530) 749-7779.

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  1. We are still in search of Sam. As of 05/13/2014 it has almost been a year. Please if anyone has any information call the Yuba County Sheriffs department.

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