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Shamaine Spruell: Missing from Philadelphia Found

UPDATE:  Shamaine was located on July 12.  The police are continuing to investigate the circumstances which led to her disappearance.

Shamaine was seen walking down the steps of her home on Carver Street on Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. and then went missing.

Shamaine’s mom said she got two phone calls.  The first one she could here crying and then the phone call dropped.

On the second phone call Shamaine told her mom that she was in a room and “it’s dark and my clothiers off and I can’t get out.”

Police stated that the cell phone pinged a tower in Northeast Philadelphia.
Shamaine is 5’1″ tall, 100 pounds with black hair and brown eyes and she was wearing a brown t-shirt, black pants and sandals.  According to her mom although Shamaine is 18, she needs medication and is a “special needs kid.”

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