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Elliot Weber last seen in Seattle Found

Elliot’s mother contacted us as stated that Elliot has been found:

“Thank you to anyone who was trying to help. A friend of ours made it to Seattle and managed to find Elliot  two days ago because people had seen the flyer! Blessings to all.”

Elliot Weber last seen in Seattle


We lost contact with my son Elliot Weber after Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 when he was in Seattle and on his way to Olympia the next morning either by bus or hitchhiking.
He is 6 ft tall and 200 lbs and has a right arm sleeve tattoo and very short brown hair with hazel eyes and likely to have facial hair. 
He is tanned and good looking and was last seen wearing a woven cowboy hat and

carrying a camping style back pack and a sleeping bag and was last known to be on the Pier at the waterfront where he sent a video showing a large Ferris Wheel.

He may have tried to sleep out in a park in the vicinity on Tuesday the 9th.
He was in daily contact via email as his cell phone was not on but it would still send email.  Ordinarily he would have easily borrowed a phone to call me or his sister and check in if he had no other way as we were very close.  He was happy and very excited to be on the west coast for the first time in his life and was sharing pictures and videos with us daily.
I have reported this to Seattle Missing Persons Unit, and we have called nine hospitals, several police departments and the morgue.
He is carrying a state ID but is not driving.
He is very friendly and is not a tough guy and has never been involved in any violent criminal activity.”
Any tips please leave here and I can contact the family.
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