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Christopher Abeyta: Baby missing from Colorado Springs since 1986

christopher abeyta

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have been released:

UPDATE 11/1/17 – Christopher’s sister, Denise was on the Dr. Phil show and talks about her missing brother, Christopher.  She stated that she believe that what was different about that night than any other night was that her dad was sleeping at home after her parents brief separation.

UPDATE:  11/12/15 – The Abeyta family was going through a lawsuit with Emma Bradshaw they accused her of being a suspect, and today the jury agreed to her claims. Emma Bradshaw filed against the Abeyta family for defamation of character, invasion of privacy and interfering with her employment, and the jury awarded her $150,000 in damages.  The Abeyta’s had filed a counter-claim and the jury ruled against that.

$100,000 reward for information leading to missing Christopher Abeyta who is now 28-years-old.

Christopher Abeyta, 7-months-old was sleeping in his crib in his parents room when someone came into the home and took him out of his crib.

“We were used to house noises, kids coming and going, and the door being left open,” said Gil Abeyta, Christopher’s father.

The police had no hard lead to tell them what happened to Christopher or who took him, but Gil had his own personal hunch who did.

Christopher Abeyta
Christopher Abeyta

On July 14, Gil had returned to his family home after being separated from his wife. Gil admitted he was having an affair with a woman and he had left her to reconcile with his wife. The woman kept trying to contact him many times that night, up until midnight of July 14.

Gil stated to Fox 21 News that the woman’s name was Emma Bradshaw.

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Take a look at the photo and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and if you remember anything or his photo looks familiar, please call the police with your information. If could be the tip that the Abeyta family has been waiting for. There is a $100,000 reward for information leading to finding Christopher.

A petition to the Office of the District Attorney of Colorado Springs to ask them to conduct a Grand Jury investigation has been posted on that you can sign.

For more information on Christopher go to the family website or the Find Christopher Facebook page.

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    Bernice Abeytu (Christopher's mother) failed two polygraphs immediately following his disappearance and she refused to take a third polygraph. Bernice has had 27 years to retake that polygraph to prove she wasn't involved in Christopher's disappearance, but she hasn't.

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