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Erik Jorgensen: Soldier suffering from PTSD is missing in Idaho Found

The remains of Erik Jorgensen has been found.

It is with the greatest sadness of our life to have to share that our sweet boy spread his wings and flew to God’s protective arms where the sun always shines and there is no pain. God keep my baby protected until we meet again.

God bless all our soldiers who give so much and ask for nothing in return. Save them all from the pain of war and bring them home to their families

Good night my angel I’ll see you soon,


Erik Jorgensen, 26, a Army vet and a member of the National Guard is missing from Boise, Idaho.  He sent his mother a text message that read, “he was a waste of oxygen on this earth,” said Cindy Crow, Erik’s mother, who lives in California.

She has driven to Idaho and called the police after receiving the message.  Erik suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after serving a year in Afghanistan.  
“These guys come back and they’re trained to be strong and they hesitate to get help.  Eric finally went probably in November I convinced him to go to the V.A. and just get help finding someone to talk to,” Cindy said.
The guard sent out three units to help friends and familyto search for Erik.  As they search the area, and the mountains, they are hoping for any sign of Erik’s truck.

Erik drives a 2013 Dodge Ram, License plate number S58329.  The truck is jacked up, has a black grill and black rims. He has brown hair and blue eyes. They are in desperate of need of volunteers to join their search party.  So if you can help, please call Maggie at 724-7123.  
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