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Cody Haynes: 11-year-old Kittitas boy missing since 2004

Richard Cody Haynes missing from Kittitas since 2004.

When Cody went missing in 2004.  There was as much sensationalism surrounding missing children as there is now.  Facebook, although started in 2004 had not had a chance to reach the public yet.  Although I personally feel it is the number 1 source for sharing information about missing people, it was just a start up at the time that Cody went missing.

You have to go way back in the archives of the web to find out what happened after Cody went missing:

“At this point our whole area has been thoroughly searched,” said Dunnagan. “We are comfortable he is not within the general area. We have no idea where he is. We have exhausted our leads. We are committed to finding this child. We are in it to find him.”

According to David Haynes, Cody’s grandfather who posted on Websleuths:

Cody and his “step mother” (his father’s live in pardner) had a disagreement and he was sent to his room until his father got home. His family hasn’t seen him since. It gets a little complicated here but it wasn’t realized until the next afternoon that he was missing. He arranged his bedding to look like he was in bed. He would often pretend to be asleep and cover his head if he didn’t want to be bothered.

Yes, there had been CPS visits. The one involving the school was when one of Cody’s sister’s was bitten by a family puppy. CPS ruled the report as “unfounded”. The puppy was given away. Washington and Oregon CPS workers conduct business as tho they were using the Gestapo operations manual so don’t put to much into their visits.

Because they did not know where Cody was or why he left, they took his four sisters and have not allowed us to see them. A judge ordered them to allow the father to visit them on week-ends. They have been interviewed and do not appear to know any thing about where their brother is. The mother and father have been divorced for some time and she had no reason to fear him and was not hiding from him. Actually, it turned out that she was in Colarado instead of Florida. The police have determined that she was at her mother’s in Colarado the day Cody disappered and that he is not with her. This is not a family custody event. Cody has just diappeared and is not with any family members. The police and the family are still looking. Thanks again for your concern. –

ABC reported that Cody was arguing with his dad.  Then sometime in the middle of the night his dad leaves and “drives hundreds of miles”looking for car parts” until early morning hours.

Cody’s dad, Richard “Rick” Haynes stated that Cody had arranged his stuffed animals under his covers to make it look as though he were in bed, took a bag of clothes, and managed to slip away unnoticed.

Officers reported finding a bag of clothing inside a shed on the Haynes’ property along with the boy’s bicycle.

About one week after the disappearance of Cody, law enforcement authorities and CPS representatives removed his four sisters from their home. The girls were placed in foster homes.  A court order had been issued alleging abuse, neglect and lack of supervision. They remained in foster care for 6 months and then it was extended for an additional 6 months.

Rick  and Marla Jaye Harding, Rick’s girlfriend who was allegedly fired from her job as CPS worker, retained a lawyer and refused to talk formally with investigators.

“Their behavior is definitely curious,” Kittitas Police Chief Steve Dunnagan told The Spokesman-Review in Spokane. “It does make us ask, ‘Why does he have to have an attorney to help us find his son?”

David responded to that on Websleuths by stating, “Thank you all for your interest. The news hasn’t said much about it but the father did cooperate completely with the police at first. He even went with them as they searched for Cody. It wasn’t until he felt he was being accused of something that he withdrew. Also, the lawyer was first retained to help get the girls back from CPS.- David Haynes”

Lisa Doney, Cody’s mother told the KXLY news in May 2013, that she is still looking for her little boy and went to Sprague Lake to search, because a farmer found a blanket there, and Cody’s older sister identified seeing it at her father’s home.  Doney said, “apparently the law enforcement doesn’t have enough to make an arrest, yet.  I guess they are still looking for the smoking gun.” (See video)

Ali Lowitzer and Cody Haynes podcast (may have to sign in to drop box to listen)

My interview with Victoria of ISC Investigations at the above link.  Victoria is working on both cases and her opinion is that Cody would have broken his legs if he had jumped out of his bedroom window.   She also spoke with Cody’s mom Lisa and there is a lot of he said/she said, and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Click on link above to listen more to the podcast.

Justice for Cody Haynes on Facebook 

7 thoughts on “Cody Haynes: 11-year-old Kittitas boy missing since 2004

  1. Murdered because he was most likely acting-up- R.I.P. The father and step-mother need to be re-questionsed NOW! Call in the FBI – since the local police are most likely useless.

  2. Just by reading this I can tell who is guilty of lying to the police!
    Requestion the father with the help of the FBI.
    I mean who goes looking for “car parts” miles away, I the middle of the night!?
    There's no auto shop open at all hours of he night!

  3. Pressure the “father” more. Why did the baby leave his bike? No child that age would simply “runaway” without his bike. Exam Sprauge Lake more in depth.

  4. David Haynes is Rick's Dad and he believes Rick is innocent like a parent would. He has no knowledge of what is going on it the case. He or Rick have no idea on the progress of the case. Nor do they care.

  5. That's the problem “nor do they care”, because he was murdered and they know it. How could you not care! I care and just read the story 11 years later! His father murdered him..ugh..nor do they care…jeez…

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