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Rachel Roberts: Teen missing from Midvale

Rachel Roberts, 15, is missing from Midvale, Utah since July 14.  Her cell phone has been found at the Salt lake city TRAX station by a young adult who police have not been able to locate on July 16.

“She was grounded because she had been brought home by the police at 3 a.m., the night before for being out after curfew,” Christian, Rachel’s father told Radar Online. 

Rachel was gone the next day.

A check of her phone records reveals that she spent Saturday night texting a known criminal.

According to Rachel’s dad, the “criminal” told Rachel to leave.

The family hopes that Rachel is alright and is “just being stubborn,” about coming home. 
A Facebook page has been set up for Rachel.

Her dad wants her to know this:

“Rachel, if you are watching this page, please understand that you won’t/can’t get the kind of care you need out in the wild on your own.  We are worried.  What’s going to happen if you have another massive asthma attack?”

If you see Rachel or can leave a tip to her whereabouts, please call 801-743-7000 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

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