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Robert “Bobby” Pillsen-Rahier: Teen missing for 23 years

Robert “Bobby” Pillsen-Rahier was 15-years-old when he last seen on July 6, 1990.  He was at a Colorado Springs treatment facility in Colorado.  Bobby’s mother, Jean Rahier-Langness said that Bobby was there because he witnessed his father’s suicide when he was young.

Bobby called her the day he went missing and told her something was wrong but couldn’t tell her because the phones were being monitored.  She called to make arrangements to come visit him, but she could not reach him as she was told he was on an outing.

She was called by the facility later that day and they told her that Bobby had run away.  The facility mailed home Bobby’s clothes but Jean does not understand why she received both pairs of Bobby’s shoes and the same clothes he was reported wearing when he went missing.

Robert’s mother, Jean Rahier-Langness posted on Facebook:  “Bobby, if you are reading this, we love you and miss you so very much. None of us have ever stopped looking for you!!and we never will stop. We are all living in Hoxie, Kansas now, your brother and family and Dave and I. We want you home with us!!! (((((Bobby)))))”

6 thoughts on “Robert “Bobby” Pillsen-Rahier: Teen missing for 23 years

  1. There is nothing I can say but to let you know I hope there is a resolution soon to this grievous heartbreak. I was looking for info about a young man missing from a town near where I used to live when I came across your loved one. I wish I could cry you an answer. Bless you.

  2. It's obvious that the treatment facility is to blame for his disappearance! If he said that something was wrong but he couldn't talk about it because the phones were being monitored and then disappeared…isn't that a big clue? And then they send the clothes that he was reported to have been wearing when he disappeared? HELLO!

  3. Speak to a lawyer about this. You might need to file a compalint against the facility. Time is a ticking. Most likely there is almost a totally new staff now at this facility since he 'disappeared'. My feeling is that he as killed by someone who no longer works there. Not sure the local police will be of much help. You might need to contact the FBI. Sorry that you must go through this sad situation.

  4. I googled the facility and came up with a bunch of staff who list this as a previous place of employment. Has the family tried contacting any of them ?

  5. Dr. Phil should hear your story!! Write him. His people may be able to help you. Clearly foul play involved. Praying for your family.

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