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Hannah Anderson missing from Lakeside FOUND

Pink Cups in the fence at El Capitan High School (Photo by JDean2013)

Please note that this story is running backwards.  I post the most recent findings on top. If you want to read the story as it unfolded go to the bottom of the story to the latest date and read that paragraph and then go up to the next most recent date and do the same.

UPDATE:  In September 2015 my son attended the same school as Hannah did.  She was a senior and two years older than he was.  He saw her often during the lunch break. What he observed was generally people avoiding Hannah.  Gossip was that she had made the whole thing up and since that was the general belief they chose to stay away from her.  She did have a small group of girls that surrounded her and a couple of boys.  They did go out of their way to be loud and animated to bring attention to themselves.  At one time, my son was walking past the group and heard Hannah say, “Don’t they know I’m famous?  I can do whatever I want.”

UPDATE 7/31/15 –  Attorney C. Keith Greer on the behalf of Lora Robinson, Jim DiMaggio’s sister has filed a $20m lawsuit against the FBI for wrongful death.  
“This is a claim for wrongful death naming the FBI hostage rescue team as the defendant,” Greer told the Daily Mail.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Valley County, Idaho, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the agents that shot DiMaggio were justified.  They claim that DiMaggio was shooting a gun, that Hannah later stated she told DiMaggio to do to call for help.  She stated that he was shooting the gun into the air as she suggested.  (Read more about this below).

Greer has also filed another wrongful death suit for the Rebecca Zahau 2011 death.  Click here to read more.

“You look at this evidence, you look at Hannah’s reactions after the funeral. You know they cause questions,” Greer said.  Greer says that Hannah will be deposed in court.

Did the police rush to judgement on what happened to the McStay’s?

UPDATE 5/29/15 – I watched the Hannah Anderson Story movie and it was difficult to watch only because it was full of so many mistakes. I point out some, but there was so many I kept losing track.

Hannah herself said that the preview alone contained false facts and untrue events. “If anyone is gonna tell my story it should be me.”  But, if she did watch it on Saturday, I think she would be pleased, because the movie shows her as a teen heroin that stood strong and handed out sage advice, that only a person like Dr. Phil would know how to give.  The movie made DiMaggio to be the heartsick, mixed up villain, and Hannah as the innocent level-headed teen whose only flaw was being too innocent and trusting.

The movie showed Hannah living in a huge modern house in Lakeside, when in actuality she lived in an apartment complex close to El Cap.  Her dad, Brett shows the same address but was in Tennessee when the kidnapping occurred.

Apartment complex on Laurel Street where Hannah lived with her mom and brother.

The news media is seen camped outside this home depicted in the movie when in actuality there was no media camped out in front of her home at anytime.  That would be hard to do as they would not be allowed on private property so they would be forced to wait outside on the sidewalk.  They certainly could not be camped at her apartment front door.  I saw Brett doing interviews in front of the Sheriff’s office, the Boll Weevil in Lakeside and El Cap, but the TV show shows him talking in front of this large house on this tree-lined street.  It never happened.

The only other house would be Hannah’s grandparents who live 5 houses up from my in-laws in Santee.  I believe her Aunt lives there also, and it was not the grand home they showed in the movie.  It is a basic home in a basic neighborhood that represents most of the residents in Santee.

The most deplorable out and out lie was Hannah’s attempt to escape.  DiMaggio is in a store buying a couple of candy bars and a sandwich and we see two police officers drive up and sit at an outside table.  Hannah wakes up sees the police and tries to tap on the glass but she is so groggy she can’t muster the strength.  She managed to get the door open and begins to crawl towards the police officers who cannot see her because of their own car was blocking their view of her crawling in the parking lot.  Hannah is stopped by DiMaggio who stands in front of her as she laid in the parking lot and looks down at her and asks her what she is doing.  He then he picks her up and throws her back in the car and no one, not even the police see a thing.

Aunt Jennifer and cousin

Not once did Hannah ever state this happened and the only reason I can believe that Lifetime stuck it in was because the movie was too bubblegum and they had to put some action in there.  The movie graces over the fact that there was several days that passed before they arrived in Idaho and the possibility that she would be unconscious during that time is impossible (read more below).

Hannah’s “one” friend in the movie is blamed for egging Hannah on for posting on the internet and trying to set the record straight and confronting the media at her door.  The latter never happened because even if they could have broken the law and camped out at her door, there is not one photo that has surfaced showing it happened.

Poor Lifetime couldn’t even get the ice coffee right and shows her friend (yeah, the same one that keeps leading Hannah astray) giving her a Jack-in-the-Box chocolate shake (endorsement, maybe?).

But the most misleading of it all was the conversations between Hannah and Jim.  No one knew what happened between DiMaggio and Hannah, and no one really knows what they talked about but DiMaggio and Hannah.  One is dead and the other is not talking.  Hannah herself said she never talked to Lifetime. So, with that, how in the world could Lifetime put their conversations in the movie. How would Lifetime know what they said while they were on that long trip to Idaho, driving to Jim’s house, in Jim’s house, while they were camping, and so on? They couldn’t, so they made it up and put it in the movie, and many watching the movie don’t even realize that the conversations are all made up and are buying it as the truth.

Lifetime capitalized on Hannah Anderson’s name and should be ashamed.  Hannah is right, she should be the one to tell her story and if Lifetime had gone to her to ask, for the right price, I am sure she would have told them.

UPDATE 5/12/15 – Today the Lifetime network has announced they will be airing, “Kidnapped:  The Hannah Anderson story,” which Pilot Viruet, a writer on Flavorwire calls, “the most inventive storytelling” by Lifetime.   What is so interesting about this is according to the Hannah’s grandmother, they knew nothing of the movie.  Lifetime never contacted them.  Without talking with the family, how in the world can Lifetime make a movie when there is so many unanswered questions.  No one really knows what happened during the four days they were missing, among many other things and so far Hannah herself has not told anyone.   I can only assume that Lifetime has used court documents to learn the facts about the case.  But what Hannah was thinking or even DiMaggio can only be assumed, as we know that Lifetime never talked to one and the other is dead.   I can only think that Lifetime will be fluffing this movie up and I am afraid that many viewers will take Lifetime’s version of the story as the gospel truth. And you can’t, as whatever happened will only really be known by Hannah herself.  Even Sheriff Gore, vacillated about what happened and at first stated that Hannah didn’t appear to be held against her will and later, after DiMaggio was killed, stated she was “a victim in every sense of the word.”  Convenient statement because the only other witness was killed.

With Hannah’s appearance on the Today show we all hoped some of those questions would be answered by Hannah herself, but instead it only led to more questions, which I have brought up farther down.   So, if you are inclined to watch it, it will air May 23, please keep in mind this is Lifetime’s version of what happened and is mostly a theory.  Just like anything that I have written about her, is purely conjecture, as no one knows the whole story except for Hannah.

And where is Hannah now?  She is still going to El Cap high school, as it is affectionately known, and is surrounded by a small group of friends, as she finishes up her senior year.  My source tells me that the rest of her classmates pretty much leave her alone as they are not so sure if she is as innocent as she proclaims, and besides they are a little tired of hearing her talk about how famous she is.  Frankly, many of her fellow classmates find it distasteful to hear of her self-proclaimed, “I’m famous” when that fame only came to be because of the death of her mother and brother and the alleged actions of a man, and not because of anything she did.  Unless she knows something we do not know and she did have something to do with it and if so she would need to change her words from “I’m famous” to “I’m notorious.”

UPDATE 10/15/13 – Hannah Anderson appeared on the Today show and she was on camera a long time explaining what happened to her.

I am trying to stay objective on this story but it does get hard sometimes.  Here is what I heard and what I remembered from past interviews.

Click here to read about other San Diego cases that were strangely handled:  McStay and Zahau 

Hannah said, “The point where I realized that something was wrong is when we go to his house and my mom’s car wasn’t there.”

But if you go back to the news story when the house fire was put out, you see her mom’s car there in the photo.  Also, in the search warrant, there were items taken out of her car.  So, is she saying that her mom was not there when she showed up with DiMaggio?

But, let’s assume that DiMaggio moved the car before he brought Hannah back to his house or maybe later maybe after forcing Hannah to play Russian Roulette and drugging her.   On the Today Show interview Hannah said, “He drugged me and I was out, then I woke up in Idaho.”  But, here’s another thing, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore told Dateline NBC that a surveillance video from a checkpoint in Pine Valley showed “him and her, kind of, reclining back in the seat; you know, awake.”  The time was midnight.  No wonder Gore stated she didn’t seem to be held against her will.  The drive from Boulevard to Pine Valley is 23 minutes.  That means they could have left Jim’s home at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night.  Interestingly, the route they took from Boulevard to Pine Valley is away from Idaho not towards it. That trip would have taken approximately 6 hours and they would have ended up in Yosemite around 6 a.m. in the morning, but there was an alert that they were spotted on the 395 in Altunas on Aug. 7.  There is a big gap between Aug. 3 and Aug. 7.  Four days worth.  Where were they for four days?  Pine Valley where they were seen on a surveillance camera to Alturas where they were also seen four days later, takes 12 hours to drive, where were they during that gap?   From Alturas you can keep traveling on 395 till you get to Idaho and you will eventually get to Cascade in about 8 hours, so it would seem as though maybe DiMaggio did not know where he was going to go and drove around a while before driving to Idaho.

No one is sure when Hannah was picked up by Jim.  She said after cheer practice but cheer practice was a Sunday.  Saturday was the car wash.  But, she did say it was a Saturday.   If it was Sunday, they would have had to leave the house before the fire, meaning they would have had to be driving around for several hours before they got to Pine Valley which is only 23 minutes away.  If they took off on Saturday, the same thing, they would have had to have been somewhere until they were seen by a surveillance camera in Pine Valley at 12:10 a.m. on Sunday, August 4.

So, did they leave Jim’s home on Saturday or Sunday?  If Saturday they would have had to drive around San Diego county for almost 24 hours before being seen on the Pine Valley checkpoint surveillance camera.  If they left Sunday, there would have had to have left before the explosions went off starting the fire at Jim’s home at 8 p.m., still leaving several hours of them driving around before being seen on the video in Pine Valley at midnight.

The drug that Hannah said she was given was two Ambien. Ambien is a sleep aide and even with two of them, it would not knock her out for 15 hours which is how long it takes to drive from Boulevard to Utah, but we already know they didn’t go straight there.  With the discrepancy on what day they actually left Jim’s house, to their arrival in Cascade around 7 days later.  It is hard to believe that two Ambien’s would have been able to “drug her” for that length of time.  Hannah was definitely awake, so why is she telling everyone on national TV that she was drugged the whole time?

A is Lakeside, Santee, El Cajon area of San Diego County and B is Boulevard

I also believe there is probably more surveillance footage out there of these two traveling.  For even a straight 15-hour-trip.  DiMaggio would have had to stop for gas, and a bathroom break and/or food, not to mention sleep.  Now that we know the trip took several days, we know they had to stop and eat and sleep somewhere.  So, I believe there is probably more surveillance video from stops at gas stations, convenient stores and maybe a fast food joint.  Why has there been no talk about this?  Also, don’t forget Sheriff Gore stated early on in the investigation, “As far as we know, it didn’t look like she was being held against her will.”  I have to believe the authorities held on to this belief for a long time.  Later several business stated they had surveillance video and told the police, but they never picked it up.  Why?  It certainly would have shown if Hannah was actually kidnapped or not.

And the last thing I don’t understand is that Hannah said, “He [DiMaggio] was trying to start a fire to signal for help.  Then all of a sudden the fire wasn’t working.  So, I told him, I said well I read in a book that if you fire a gun in the air three times that means S-O-S.  So, he went to fire it once and I was watching him.  And, then he fired it the second time but he like lowered it.   Then a bunch of guns went off and I looked and he fell on the ground,”  Hannah said.

Sheriff Gore’s account about DiMaggio shooting first with a rifle and firing at least once came from an FBI interview with Hannah, but wasn’t released by the agency.

I am still unclear why Jim was trying to signal for help, and I can only hope that Hannah speaks again and someone asks her that question?  Was Jim ready to give up?  Was he ready to turn himself in?  Had he been hearing the helicopter searching for them and was ready to call it quits?  Had he told Hannah that?

Minutes later DiMaggio was shot to death, when 6 bullets hit his head and torso.  What a coincidence.  He shot that gun at the same time a bunch of professional law enforcement officers were getting ready to descend on them.

After being forced to play Russian Roulette, being tied up, made to hike through wild terrain and kidnapped, Hannah tells the Today Show, after DiMaggio was shot she asked him if he was okay, not realizing he was dead.

UPDATE 9/7/13 – As you probably know there has been continuous debate about whether Hannah staged the whole thing and she wasn’t really kidnapped.  A lot of things don’t add up, many are posting on social media, but regardless, just keep in mind the police did say she was 100 percent a victim.  So, in order to continuing doubt her story you would also have to doubt the police. To doubt them you would have to believe that the police were so dumb they couldn’t tell when a teenager was lying to them; that they couldn’t tell that she was part of the murder scene, even to the point of possibly killing her own mother, and that the fact that teen made no attempt to run away or leave clues where she was in the woods, or try to toss someone a note on their cross country travels was not questionable.

 Click here to read about other San Diego cases that were handled strangely:  McStay and Zahau 

I do not know if we will ever be able to fully understand what happened as many questions were never answered by the police and the media gave up asking.  My biggest question is where was Hannah while her mother and brother were being killed and the house was being set with a timer that would start a fire?  Was she walking to the store?  Was she sitting in the car waiting for Jim?  Was she outside on her cell phone talking to a boyfriend?  Or was she even there at all?  Why didn’t the police ever pick up those surveillance videos from the businesses? 

In Hannah’s interview with the Today show in October, it seems this question has finally been answered.  According to Hannah she was picked up and taken to Jim’s home on Aug 3, where she noticed her mom’s car was not there.  She went inside and he zip tied her hands and feet and she could hear what she believe to be her brother’s muffled cries.  After the Russian Roulette scenario, she was given two pills.   

UPDATE 8/15/13 – A fundraiser was held at the Boll Weevil’s in Lakeside on Wednesday.  Pierce Morgan asked a reporter what the family was planning on doing with the money raised and he said Hannah’s father said the money would be used for funeral expenses and for Hannah and if it was too much he would return some.

The media camped out at the Boll Weevil (Photo by JDean)

Also, the search warrant has been unsealed and what was confiscated has everyone talking.  Like a DNA test kit found in Tina’s car, and 2 used condoms, an assault weapon-style ammunition, camping equipment, wiring, a gas can, boxes with red stains on them, a map of Yosemite, a tarp, a handcuff box, a red dog leash, a piece of hair and letters written by Hannah.

UPDATE 8/14/13 –  A search warrant that was unsealed today stated that Hannah Anderson and James DiMaggio called each other 13 times before they went missing on the day that DiMaggio allegedly set fire to his home after allegedly killing Christina Anderson, 44 and Ethan Anderson, 8, and the families dog.

The documents also stated that Hannah was picked up from cheerleading practice at Sweetwater High School at 4 p.m. that Sunday, although it did not specify who picked her up.

The documents also said Hannah and DiMaggio’s phones were both turned off at the same time at 4 p.m. on Aug. 4.

Also interesting is that Lora Robinson, DiMaggio’s sister made an “unusually large volume of calls to DiMaggio’s phone on the day of the crime,” the documents stated. Which makes me wonder if she knew something or he told her something alarming that caused her to keep trying to reach him.

Hannah Anderson and friends at Boll Weevil’s during fundraiser

The unsealed warrant also stated that Christina was tortured before she was killed, although there is no more information on what exactly that meant, and it is disturbing to read, as anyone’s imagination would run wild with this info.  I wished there was more clarification what the police mean by this.  Her body had been covered with a tarp and there was a crow bar next to her head. (Later it was released ).

Someone with the username hannahbanana722 on was answering questions from people on the site related to the incident that Hannah Anderson went through, and also posted a picture of Hannah Anderson and photos of a manicure that she had gotten done.  It has been taken down at this point, but Hannah is still posting pictures on Instagram.

DiMaggio’s body reportedly had 4 gunshot wounds.  He was shot after he fired a rifle at the police last Saturday when Hannah and he were found.

UDPATE:  8/10/13 – Missing Lakeside teen who was abducted by a family friend has been found safe in Idaho.

The FBI tracked Hannah Anderson, 16, and James DiMaggio to Cascade, Idaho after finding DiMaggio’s car hidden under some brush about 40 miles east of Cascade.

DiMaggio was killed by the FBI about 4 p.m. on Saturday in a remote area near Cascade.  Hannah was taken to the hospital, but was fine.  No more information has been released as to what happened during the shooting.

About 200 authorities were in the area searching for them on Saturday.

UPDATE:  8/10/13 –  I believe it is only a matter of a few days before Hannah is found.  The question that is on everyone’s mind at this point is whether she went willing with Jim DiMaggio, because when she was spotted by a group of horseback riders she made no attempt to call out for help, nor seemed to be in distress.

Searchers on horseback and all-terrain vehicles will be combing the rugged terrain where Hannah and Jim were seen.  If I was Hannah I would make some attempt to drop something on the ground so that I could be followed, and we can hope she has the opportunity to do that.

Police have also set up checkpoints and a helicopter is in the air.

Hopefully, by the end of today or tomorrow they will be found.

Also, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said its crime laboratory has identified the child’s body found in the home as Ethan Anderson.

The body was ID through DNA extracted from the boy’s bone marrow.

UPDATE: 8/9/13 – The Amber Alert has been extended to Idaho on Friday morning.

Police have reported this morning that the blue Versa belonging to an alleged kidnapper from Boulevard, California has been found.

A group of campers on horseback came in contact with a man and a woman in the area that appeared to be out of place, said San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore in a news conference this Friday afternoon. They were seen with light camping equipment, backpacks and tents near Cascade, Idaho about 70 miles northeast of Boise in a rugged area that is impassable by car. The campers reported seeing them when they returned from their trip and saw the Amber Alert.

“As far as we know, it didn’t look like she was being held against her will,” Gore said.
After receiving the report the police went to the area and searched and found the Nissan Versa, about six miles from where the two were seen, Gore said. The car was covered in brush and the license plates had been removed, but officials were able to confirm it was DiMaggio’s using a VIN number.

Later, one of the horseback riders said, “The girl was wearing what looked like pajama bottoms. The man was petting a cat. “They just didn’t fit,” said Mark John.  “I seen a lot of fear in her eyes and I didn’t like what I seen in his eyes,” John said on “Good Morning America.”

UPDATE: 8/8/13 – Now officials have disclosed another bazaar twist to the story by warning citizens if they see the car parked somewhere to stay away from it as it may be booby-trapped with explosives.  They also believe that DiMaggio is capable of strapping bombs to himself.

“He is capable of anything as far as we are concerned,” Capt. Duncan Fraser of the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. told the UT San Diego.  It is also possible that he ditched the Versa and is in another vehicle.”

DiMaggio, who is a friend of the Anderson family is the only person of interest in the killing of Tina Anderson the mother of Hannah and possible the child and dog found in the burned out home last Sunday.  Police believe that DiMaggio abducted Hannah.  He has also been described as an “Avid outdoorsman” by the LA Times, but that is contrary to what Andrew Spanswick told CNN’s Pierce Morgan on Thursday.

Spanswick, a host on KABC Sirius XM’s and the owner of KLEAN Treatment Center in West Hollywood stated that he has known DiMaggio for years and that they had gone camping in the past with their mutual friend Barry Robinson, the son of Smoky Robinson, who is married to Laura, DiMaggio’s sister, and they were not outdoorsman.

He also stated that DiMaggio was a “caring person” and that he had found an injured cat and spent his own money to take it to the vet to try and save it’s life, so it didn’t make sense that he would have killed a dog.

Spanswick also said that DiMaggio is nothing like the media is portraying him and that he did not fit the profile of a pedophile.  He did state that he knew that DiMaggio had been smoking marijuana recently and wondered if there had been an adverse affect.

“There’s always the possibility with the potency of marijuana these days, that people could have drug-induces psychosis that might relate to some of this behavior, but, it would have to have been an extreme event. ”

It’s hard to face that your friend would do that, nobody wants to think that someone is a serial killer or pedophile, said the show host.

Capt. Duncan Fraser of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department stated on Friday that the the murder, arson and abduction was a planned event, but would not elaborate on why he had come to that conclusion.

Christopher Saincome, Tina’s father told U-T San Diego that he believes DiMaggio is guilty of the crimes because he told his daughter to come to his home in Boulevard and to bring the children to say goodbye because he was losing his home to foreclosure and was moving to Texas.


A candle lighting was held at El Capitan High School in Lakeside at 7 p.m. Tuesday night.  About 300 people, some wearing pink or blue shirts were there to pray for missing Hannah and her brother, Ethan, and I attended.

The mood at the vigil was restrained as Pastor Brown began with a prayer.  Then Hannah and Ethan’s Aunt Jennifer Willis, followed by their cousin Hallie Landy came to the microphone to speak from their hearts their love for them.  Bret Anderson, Hannah and Ethan’s father was also there and he told, Hannah, “Hannah, if you have a chance, you take it, you run.” Friends of Hannah and Ethan also spoke, and shared their thoughts that Ethan was now gone and had resigned to the fact that the body that was found in the garage on Saturday was him, even though authorities have not identified the body.  One friend stated his sadness that he would never see Ethan walk through his door again.  “Little Ethan would come to my door, asking for my little brother to come play with him.”  Everyone that spoke was very upset.

Candlelight vigil for Hannah and Ethan Photo by JDean 2013

One thing that did stand out to me at the event was the presence of Sheriff officers in uniform and several more that were not in uniform, watching the crowd in silence.  Were they looking for a suspect or providing security?

Many in the back of the crowd spoke among themselves as they tried to find answer from strangers as to what happened that fateful night.

Candlelight vigil for Hannah and Ethan Photo by JDean2013

What I heard at the vigil was people speculating as to the real relationship between Jim DiMaggio and Hannah.  They were referring to what Hannah’s friends said that Hannah had confessed to them that Jim had said he was attracted to her and how he wished he was younger so he could date her.  For someone that had been in her life since she was a child, it seems odd.

As we end another day of wondering how Jim could allegedly kill Hannah’s mother and probably Ethan, then abduct Hannah, I can’t but wonder why the authorities have taken so long to identify the child’s body, when Hannah’s mother was identified almost immediately. Although authorities said the DNA testing would take 3 days.

Is it just that or is there another reason they are holding back on identifying the body?

Then on the news tonight Lt. Giannantonio stated “They could be hunkered down somewhere.”  When asked if he thought that Hannah and DiMaggio had a relationship, Giannantonio said authorities had no solid information about that and he was told the children considered DiMaggio as an uncle.

Balloon release Photo by jdean2013

UPDATE:  8/6/13 – There is speculation that the body of the child found in the burned garage area of the home may be Ethan, as Christina had two children.  If it is Ethan then it is possible that he may have run and hid in the garage while the house was set on fire.

Previous story:

The Fire Dept. was called to the 2071 Ross Avenue, in Boulevard, Calif. which is located about 45 minutes away from Lakeside, about 8 p.m., on Sunday for a house that was engulfed in flames.

From Hannah’s Facebook page
From Hannah’s Facebook Page

Then all over San Diego County residences began receiving Amber Alerts pertaining to two children that were missing from Boulevard.  Further investigation led to information that the two incidences were related.Authorities announced that a body was found in the structure that burned that have been identified as Christina (Tina) Saincome Anderson, of Lakeside, the mother of the two missing children.

10 News reported that the sheriff officials believe that the missing children may be with James Lee DiMaggio, 40, who is the owner of the home on Ross Avenue and they believe he is connected to the fire.   DiMaggio was said to have a close platonic friend of Christina.

Authorities believe that DiMaggio started the fire to cover up the murder of Christina, said Lt. Giannantonio of the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept.

Authorities announced that Christina had been slain and they also found a dog that had been killed in another part of the property, along with the body of an unidentified child.  The sister of Christina later posted on Facebook that the child was her nephew.  It is unknown at this time if it is Ethan or if he is still believed to have been abducted along with Hannah.

DiMaggio supposedly picked up Hannah from her cheer practice at Sweetwater High school.  Looking at the Sweetwater High School calendar for August, there was only a car wash from 9:00 am to Noon on August 3, and the cheer practice was on August 4.

The Amber Alert was set off in the East County area of San Diego County on Monday around 6 p.m. and then an alert was sounded in San Luis Obispo County, Kern County and Tulare County.

Jim and Hannah went on a road trip together to Hollywood, Calif. about 10 days before the fire.
From Hannah’s Facebook page

There are many photos of Hannah on a trip to Hollywood in July that she posted are her Facebook page.  It appears by the photos that Jim and Hannah were the only two that were on the trip.

The Amber Alert stated that authorities are searching for two missing kids from Boulevard, Calif.,  Hannah Anderson, 16 and Ethan Anderson, 8.  Hannah is female, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 115 pound, juvenile with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Hannah has a belly button ring, nose stud and pierced ears.  Ethan Anderson is male, 4 feet 11 inches tall, 65 pound, juvenile with sandy blond hair.  (We later found out that Ethan was the body found, but the police were not able to identify him, so they sent out an Amber Alert for both kids.)

The suspect is James Lee DiMaggio, 40, is a white, male, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. The suspect was last seen driving a blue Nissan Versa 4-door, with a CA license plate of 6WCU986.  Please note that he is clean-shaven and does not have a goatee like in his driver’s license photo.

Last two posts on Jim’s Facebook page

Authorities do not know where Jim may be heading, so at this point they could be anywhere.  Your best bet is to keep a look out for the car.  It could have also been abandoned along the road somewhere so keep a look out for that.

I will post the poster on Pinterest so that it can be quickly shared.

If seen contact San Diego sheriff’s department at (858) 565-5200.

If you have any tips or info that you want to leave anonymously, please do.

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  1. Why would a woman in her right mind allow her daughter to travel with any adult man not related to her? She should have known that any adult man who wants to take a child on a ” road trip” is not just being a” nice man”( unless it is a situation where he was married and has his wife and own children with him). No single man should be allowed to be with children alone

  2. Mothers and Fathers serve their daughters up to these pedophiles on a platter by allowing them to dress like hookers who post pictures of their cleavage and asses. Love your daughters enough to teach them self respect.

  3. Understanding that everyone has their own opinions, it does not excuse the horrific tragedy that has occurred. I am sure that those who are so critical have never made a mistake and are the perfect parents and God forbid anything happen to any of your children because you may have to read such inconsiderate remarks about your decisions. We all have our thoughts about what happened but keep in mind you only get what the media chooses to feed you and you do not have all the facts. Sometimes opinions should be kept to ourselves and maybe just say a prayer for this family and put yourself in their shoes right now. Maybe harsh words should be towards the sick individual that did this instead of towards a dead mother and a grieving family.

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