Jeremiah Murray: Missing from Georgia may be in San Francisco Found

UPDATE:  8/19/13 – I am happy to report that Jeremiah’s dad called to say they have found him.  He said the Jeremiah called them from Provo, Utah and they went and picked him up. 

Please help this dad find his son:

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“My adult son from Georgia who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder has been missing since May 24. I received a brochure from Jeremiah from a state park in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 17. But it had no writing on it other than the address. He was in regular contact with his Mother prior to May 24. But has not contacted her since. I am not positive that he wants to be found. This may be his way of asserting independence. However, he may be homeless and unable to take care of himself, which compels us to search for him.” (Jeremiah Murray Call Your Mother).

Lyell Murray

If you have any tips or info, please leave it here and I’ll make sure Lyell gets it.  Let’s find Jeremiah.

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