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Constance Teeter: Missing from Las Vegas since 1993 Found

According to the Seeking Connie Facebook page, Connie has been located

Calling all web detectives – Connie Teeter has been missing since 1993.  The police report was filed today. 

Her daughter and sister have been looking for her for twenty years, and have a Facebook page set up with information on what they know, so far.  If you would like to do some sleuthing, I know they would appreciate any info you can come up with.  Like her daughter said, she may not even know anyone is looking for her.

The Seeking Connie Facebook page stated: “Really don’t think she knows that anyone even cares enough to be looking for her….she has been living completely off the grid. In and out of motels…leaving no trace of utility records or really anything for us to go off of. The last time I saw her was when I was around 3 years old. Ill be 29 November. I just need to find her…have so many questions to ask her. My life will not be complete until they are answered.”

Evidently she was seen Sept 2012 by the Budget Inn, 8440 Las Vegas Blvd., then she was evicted.

Her last known address is:
Reported: 05/24/2013 – Current
County: CLARK

ANYBODY seeing this post in the LV, NV area..GO KNOCK ON THE DOOR!! See if Connie is there.

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